Sunday, November 30, 2008

All in favor of giving me a new calling...... (I'm raising my hand right now!)

WARNING: if you are in my ward, you might not want to read this!
Seriously people! How hard is it to get a substitute if you are going to be gone? It is midnight and I am still ticked...
This is the second Sunday that we had no shows! Last week we had three no show and today we had two!
I don't get it! Do people think that these children can just fend for themselves? I mean if it were an adult class then I guess I could see why someone might think that it would be alright to no show.
What would happen if me and the rest of the presidency decided that "Na, I don't feel like going and fulfilling the commitment that I made to the Lord."
Sheesh...I wish all of them luck when they have to try and explain that one to Him.
I really do try to find the joy in my calling but on days like today I just feel like the glorified babysitter for our ward.
I need a serious attitude check and I don't even care. I have so many things to blog about to catch up, but I can't focus on that due to my poor mood. I think that I will go and eat a bowl of peppermint ice cream instead! :-) YUM!

The animal comes out on black friday!

I have never done the early morning thing on Black Friday before, but there was actually something that interest me at Walmart this year, so I woke up at the butt crack of dawn (3:15 am) and drove down to Walmart. I was expecting to have to stand in line outside for an hour so I wore REALLY warm clothing. When I got there at 3:50 am the parking lot was full and there was no one lined up outside. I freaked out a little thinking that they had opened the doors early so I started running to the store. It turns out that the store was opened but all of the sale item things were being guarded by store employees and people were just allowed to stand around the item that they wanted and wait. I quickly found the display for the item that I was there for and there were about 15 other people around it. Wonderful, I thought! Surely I would get one. But we still had an hour to wait, so we waited and visited. It turns out that the big display was very deceiving and there were only about 25 units available, which would have been fine if everyone only wanted one, but no....they wanted two or three. They were actually claiming their items and saying that these two are mine and this one is yours etc. Wow, I thought, I might not get one. The crazy thing is that I made friends with many of the women and were talking and getting to know one another. The countdown made its way to 4:52 and someone announced that we had eight minutes left....almost there! Then from out of nowhere screams started erupting from in the store, which everyone took as a sign that it was time to SHOP! All of the sudden these nice ladies that I had just met became ANIMALS! I was shoved from behind and landed on the ladies in front of me. People were grabbing things from others and screaming obscenities at each other. I touched like three of the items, but they were quickly ripped from my hands. In my head I was thinking, someone is going to be trampled to death! The item that we were after was only $20 cheaper then normal price and I'm sorry but my life is worth more than $20! So I tried to climb out from under the pile. PHEW! I was dripping with sweat (remember I had dressed extra warm). I did get a few other things that were not so popular and bolted out of there. I'm not sure if I will ever try that again. I was not at all surprised to hear that someone was killed at a Walmart back east....honestly people, a "good deal" isn't really worth someones life! SHEESH!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A deep breath and then.... SPOILER ALERT, mom you might want to skip reading this post.

Friday was the big day! Sienna and I went to get her ears pierced! She was very particular about where she wanted to get it done (Claire's), so we went to the mall and found the store. She picked out the studs that she wanted and the ladie came over and explained how things worked and had me sign all of the paper work. I really wanted to video the entire thing but Sienna was VERY nervous and adamant that I not film it...heck, I am lucky that she even let me take her picture. Sienna was so nervous and kind of started whimpering as the girl was loading the gun. I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do this and she nodded yes. She grabbed my hand and started squeezing it HARD. The girl asked if we wanted her to countdown and I said no, just do it. And just like that it was she did it, I have never seen Sienna's eyes get so big! I thought that she was in a ton of pain from the look on her face. I asked her if she was ok and she said "mom, it didn't even hurt!" In the end, she was very pleased with herself and loves to look in the mirror at her changed reflection. The before shot, she was so nervous that she wasn't thrilled about getting her picture taken.

After- she was very happy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ana the ballerina (FINALLY)

Ana has FINALLY found a dance program that she likes! My good friend Jenny has a dance studio in her basement (how lucky are we that she lives almost right behind us). We have tried to put Ana in dance SEVERAL times before, but it has always been a horrific experience for both her and I...well Miss Jenny finally convinced me into trying her studio. I have been so hesitant and didn't want to waste any more time or money on something that Ana fought with me about. I relented and decided to try ONE MORE TIME and ding ding ding ding....we have a WINNER! Ana loves her ballet class with Miss Jenny! She looks forward to going and asks me every day if it is her ballet day. Today we had a class holiday performance, instead of doing a Christmas concert, the parents are invited to come and watch a 20 minute presentation of what they have been learning. These were some pictures and video of the event. I am so pleased with my little ballerina. Ana and Miss Jenny (recognize her from the Paris pictures???) Today on the way to the performance Ana said to me "Mom I LOVE my ballet class, it is my favorite. Miss Jenny is the best dance teacher EVER. I love her!" Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Practicing her tendus

Stretching her back muscles

Miss Jenny says that she has natural flexibility...she doesn't get that from me! I have to work at it!

More stretching

My bff

This is my friend Brook, we were best friends in High school and college. Yesterday we decided to go and get a pedicure together. It had been months since we had seen each other, so it was so good to catch up with each other. Brook and I have so many great memories and experiences was so great to see her again!
The finished product! Of course I was a doop and forgot to bring open toed shoes, so I got to wear these around the classy don't you think?!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our film debut

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The birthday bash

Sienna had her birthday party with her friends last night... she had a list of 13 girls that she wanted to invite, but we had 16 invitations. Last I heard there were about 12 girls that said they were thing I know there were 17 young ladies in our home! It was craziness! We ordered pizza and had soft drinks and chips for everyone and then we began the game. I found a site online that sells Mystery party kits (like murder mystery games) but that are focused on the teen/pre-teen age. I printed out all the necessary things for each girl and made each one a 'confidential' case file. Everyone was then assigned a character and the game began. I had miraculously planned for 15, so at the last minute I had to quickly make a few more while the girls ate. It turned out pretty cute and I THINK that they had fun. The girls that participated enjoyed themselves...the ones that didn't participate probably got bored, oh well, you can't please them all. The birthday cake that Sienna decorated herself, it was pretty yummy!

The BIG group of girls (Sienna better never complain that she has no friends...geesh!)

A crazy shot

Opening gifts- She got such great stuff from jewelry to Webkins (she got five!)

Trying to solve the mystery!
The case file

Singing Happy Birthday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where did my baby go?

To my sweet Sienna-
11 years ago yesterday, the most amazing thing happened to me...I became a mom. You, my little Sienna was born! I was so thrilled to find out that you were a girl, I wanted a girl so badly that I just couldn't wait to find out, so when I was 20 weeks I had an ultra sound and the great news was delivered! You were the only baby that I found out what I was having...i guess that once I got my girl, I didn't care what gender the others were.
You are such a joy to have as a daughter. Each day you become more beautiful than the day before. I love the way your eyes twinkle when you REALLY smile. You are such a kind and sweet girl to your friends and your little brother. You are an amazing dancer and it just makes my heart proud to see you develop this talent. I don't know where the time has gone, it seems like only yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital. Thank you for making me the happiest mom in the whole wide world. Your dad and I love you more than life itself. We are so proud of you!
Love your mom
Don't forget that boys have cooties!

The day we found out that you were a girl! Can you tell that you are sucking your thumb? CUTE!

Our first family photo

The day we brought you home from the were so tiny 6lbs. 3oz.In your Blessing dress, you were only six weeks old here...what a cutie!On your blessing dayOne year oldOn your second birthday

Me and my girl...I love having a daughter that can get as crazy as I can!

Sienna's turns 11!

Yesterday Sienna turned 11! To start the day off my parents stopped by (at 7am!) to give her a dozen donuts for breakfast and to wish her a happy birthday.
I also made her one of her new favorite breakfasts....crepe's with bananas and nutella...YUM! At lunchtime I took her favorite Subway sandwich to her...I also took her a birthday cake that I thought she would want to share with her friends. It turns out that the second gesture only embarrassed her and she begged me to take it home and stop causing a scene. It did however prompt the ENTIRE lunchroom (336 kids) to start singing happy birthday to her. She was red with embarrassment.

The offending birthday cake...I learned my lesson.
After dinner my parents came over to bring her a gift and watch her open her presents. She got some pretty cool stuff.
Holding her gift card to her favorite store, Justice and a gift card for ITunes (to go along with her new MP3 player). She is also going to get her ears pierced....YIKES!
As a surprise we took the older kids to see the musical 'Into the Woods', it was playing at the Hale Center Theater. The kids are familiar with the music and were so excited to go and see it. I was BLOWN away with how amazing this production was. I had seen it before, but this was just so well done. I would dare say that it ranked right up there with that is saying something! If any of you have the chance to see it, I highly recommend it!
After the play the entire cast was in the lobby...I love it when they do that! The kids wanted to have their picture taken with the 'witch'...she was spectacular, and so gracious.
In my opinion, she had a pretty terrific day. She is having her friend party on Saturday (wish me luck!), so there is still more celebration to come!

Playing in the snow

Okay, so his coat is a LITTLE big on him...oh well it will fit him next year too (and possibly the year after that)
He is trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue...not crying :)
Faisal had his first "play in the snow" yesterday. It snowed most of the day so there was a ton of snow! We suited him up in his new coat, boots, hat and gloves and sent him on his way. HE LOVED IT! His favorite is to eat the snow...just like his mama.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today I did something that I am ashamed to say I have NEVER done before...I VOTED!!! I actually did some research on what both parties had to offer and I feel like I made an informed decision. I was so excited to receive my "I voted" sticker and I have worn it proudly all day!!! Cheesy, I know...but hey, I voted!
Me at the voting booth
My friend Kayla, showed was her first time voting too! So we took pictures of each other.


Where's Faisal???

Faisal LOVES ice cream! He loves it even more now that he can open the freezer! I gave him a bowl of ice cream after he had lunch today and he sat at the table eating it while I was folding laundry. After a little while I noticed that I hadn't heard anything from his neck of the woods for a while. I turned around to find that he was no longer sitting in his chair. I went into the kitchen and could hear something going on behind the island, I peaked around the island and saw him sitting there....doing this! So I grabbed my camera...check out the video, it is pretty funny! Crazy kid! He isn't just looks like it, he was screaming with delight

I guess that the bowl that I gave him just wasn't big enough!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a great Halloween this year!
Ana dressed up as Belle
Tae went as a very Hip Candy corn
In Sienna's class they had to do a biography and for Halloween they had to dress up as that person. Sienna decided to do her report on Kiera Knightly and dressed up as a pirate... pretty creative!

Faisal picked his costume... a Rrrrrrrr, aka a lion

Trick or treating with their cousin Kade (the skunk)...notice that Sienna is not in the picture, she informed us that she was too big to go trick or treating with babies. I remember those days. We allowed her to go with her friends.
At first he wasn't sure that he wanted to wear his costume, he is trying to take it off. I had to be quick with the camera.

Sienna and her friends

Sienna at the costume parade at her school that morning
Tae in the parade
AnaLeigha at the parade

Carving pumpkins

Faze wasn't to sure about this whole thing...he refused to touch the pumpkin 'guts'
Ana on the other hand, loved it!