Sunday, November 30, 2008

All in favor of giving me a new calling...... (I'm raising my hand right now!)

WARNING: if you are in my ward, you might not want to read this!
Seriously people! How hard is it to get a substitute if you are going to be gone? It is midnight and I am still ticked...
This is the second Sunday that we had no shows! Last week we had three no show and today we had two!
I don't get it! Do people think that these children can just fend for themselves? I mean if it were an adult class then I guess I could see why someone might think that it would be alright to no show.
What would happen if me and the rest of the presidency decided that "Na, I don't feel like going and fulfilling the commitment that I made to the Lord."
Sheesh...I wish all of them luck when they have to try and explain that one to Him.
I really do try to find the joy in my calling but on days like today I just feel like the glorified babysitter for our ward.
I need a serious attitude check and I don't even care. I have so many things to blog about to catch up, but I can't focus on that due to my poor mood. I think that I will go and eat a bowl of peppermint ice cream instead! :-) YUM!


Amy said...

Okay friend, eat some for me. Sorry you had a bad day, deep breaths. See you tomorrow!!!

HollySteffen said...

i'm sorry. we deal with that same stuff in our ward. and we have a tiny ward so its hard to find replacements last minute.

i was in nursery and my worker was never there. i just got called to be 2nd councellor in the primary pres. so, i'm gonna need some prayers!

it'll get better (i hope!)

Super Angie said...

Oh yummmm...peppermint ice cream!

Jenny, seriously, if people don't show, come find me and Rick. We'd love to fill in, ANYTIME! Primary lessons are easy to whip up real quick.

You are awesome and I love that you actually CARE about the kids in primary. My kids sure love it and have grown so much just from this ward. Way better then my last.

So count me in on subing anytime---even last second!

muggins mahooney said...

Hey Jenny it's Michelle Larson. So about the teachers pulling a no's nuts. In my ward not a week goes by that the primary isn't coming into the adult classes asking for people to help sub.
I was at a ward conference for another ward in my stake and the bishop got up in the combined sunday school lesson and told the members to essentially buck up and to quit being such slackers in reference to teaching your class and not getting a sub. It was awesome.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I have been in our primary pres. for about 2.5 years. When I first started, we had a whole batch of teachers who just wouldn't show and we never knew when, etc. Little by little, they got replaced for one reason or another and this newer batch is really good about getting subs. However, we do regularly pass around a sheet in RS and Priesthood asking people to sign up if they are willing to sub. Then we give the teachers that sheet and tell them to call one of those people if they can't be there. Maybe that helps, I don't know. I hope it gets better--primary can be so very energy -sucking!

Lurpus said...

Dear All,

We are Primary teachers and we always show up. Even when we have something better to do. Suckers!

And Amy (my wife) is HOT!!! And amazing in the sack!

RBS said...

Ok, here is my perspective. We are all given certain responsibilities that we will have to account for and all we can do is our very best. Luckily we don't have to take responsibility for anyone else but ourselves, that would be ugly. Do your best my darling little one, and you will find yourself blessed beyond anything you can imagine. You are so loved and so capable. Pray for strength, stay the course and keep the ice cream in the freezer.

lvs2dance said...

To everyone- I must apologize for my sick perverted brothers comment (lurpus). I rarely can claim him as family due to the sexual comments that he is known to make. Please know that when the gypsies came knocking on my parents door they felt sorry for the kid and bought him, his crazy days with the gypsies might account for his sick mind. LOL

crystal said...

Oh, the ice cream will definitely make all your woes disappear! I think this would be the hardest part of a primary calling.

crystal said...'s my fav quote from your mom's comment:

"Pray for strength, stay the course and keep the ice cream in the freezer. "


crystal said...

And your bro's comment cracked me up. But, I am fond of a good sex joke.

I knew instantly he was some relation of yours.

Amy Weiland said...

A little late in the conversation game, but I am so with you!! Those teachers should be "assigned" the next class that has a no show in addition to their own. Let's start the revolution!!

And the ice cream doesn't belong in the freezer. it's healing powers only work when released from it's frozen cage!!

Oh...and I would love to meet your brother...FUNNY!!! and apparently get tips from his wife.

Lurpus said...

Dear JinLin,

It has become apparent from these posts that you need to adhere to all counsel given by your brother.

FYI - you said, "my parents door they felt sorry for the kid and bought him". Yes that is right. I was/am so great that they paid for me! I win again.