Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sienna's turns 11!

Yesterday Sienna turned 11! To start the day off my parents stopped by (at 7am!) to give her a dozen donuts for breakfast and to wish her a happy birthday.
I also made her one of her new favorite breakfasts....crepe's with bananas and nutella...YUM! At lunchtime I took her favorite Subway sandwich to her...I also took her a birthday cake that I thought she would want to share with her friends. It turns out that the second gesture only embarrassed her and she begged me to take it home and stop causing a scene. It did however prompt the ENTIRE lunchroom (336 kids) to start singing happy birthday to her. She was red with embarrassment.

The offending birthday cake...I learned my lesson.
After dinner my parents came over to bring her a gift and watch her open her presents. She got some pretty cool stuff.
Holding her gift card to her favorite store, Justice and a gift card for ITunes (to go along with her new MP3 player). She is also going to get her ears pierced....YIKES!
As a surprise we took the older kids to see the musical 'Into the Woods', it was playing at the Hale Center Theater. The kids are familiar with the music and were so excited to go and see it. I was BLOWN away with how amazing this production was. I had seen it before, but this was just so well done. I would dare say that it ranked right up there with that is saying something! If any of you have the chance to see it, I highly recommend it!
After the play the entire cast was in the lobby...I love it when they do that! The kids wanted to have their picture taken with the 'witch'...she was spectacular, and so gracious.
In my opinion, she had a pretty terrific day. She is having her friend party on Saturday (wish me luck!), so there is still more celebration to come!


Heidi Ashworth said...

You have such cool parents! I have seen Into the Woods on PBS--surely not as good.

Tara said...

Wow, it sounds like an awsome day!! And don't worry, bringing the cake was the best part, probably having the whole lunchroom sing to her was a little embarassing yet really cool! You are a great mom.

Deedee said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Sienna. You were the first to call me Deedee and it has stuck with me all these years. I remember very well when you were first brought home from the hospital. So sweet and dear...not much has changed, you've just gotten taller, sweeter and more beautiful!
Love, Deedee