Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our trip to Paris....Ohhh La Laa

What an amazing trip! I still can't believe that I was actually in France!
I will try and do a brief day by day of it all, feel free to read about it or just look at the pictures.
Day 1- We arrived at about noon Paris time. It took us about 9 hours to get there, Chris arranged it so that we were flying during most of the night...that way we could sleep and not have such bad jet lag. We got to our hotel room and Jenny and Blake were there waiting. Jenny was all dressed up and looked fabulous! They were going to the Paris Opera Ballet and wondered if we wanted to join them. Of course we couldn't pass that up! So we quickly freshened up in our room (remember we just got off of a very long plane ride) and walked to the Opera House. We had a box seat that was not very good seat, we had to share it with two other couples...Jenny and Blake had bought their tickets the day before, so we were not sitting by them. The box seat was AMAZING...just like you see in the movies! At intermission Jenny and Blake told us that they had a box seat all to themselves and it was right in the center of the theater, so we joined them. Wow, what a treat!
After that we walked around Paris and made it to the Eiffel Tower!!! It was so cool! Then we got dinner at a not-so-great place....definitely the worst of all our eating places. The WORST Creme Brulee' ever!
Day 2- Today we woke up around 10:30 ish. Chris had a lunch meeting, so Jenny and Blake and I went up to Sacre Coeur. What an amazing place! It was so picturesque! The streets were all narrow and made out of cobble stone, there were little shops and vendors up and down the street, it reminded me a lot of New York. There were Cafes EVERYWHERE! It was just such a cool place. We met Chris for a late lunch and then we decided to take a tour on the Seine River. On the tour we saw Notre Dam Cathedral, the Louvre, the statue that is the replica of our Statue of Liberty and just learned about all the historical things that happened there. It was so cool.
Day 3- We spent a huge chunk of this day in Versailles (pronounced Ver-sigh). We went to the castle grounds there, it was so cool! The castle was unfortunately closed but the gardens were open, so we rented a golf cart and drove around on a tour of the gardens (which were huge...about 20 acres!) It was so fun. After we left Versailles we went to the Louvre. The Louvre is ginormous! I was able to see the two things that I really wanted to see, the Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo statue. What a great place!
Day 4- Chris had meetings again, so we decided to go back to Sacre Coeur...I loved it there! We toured some cathedrals and ate at a cafe'. It was drizzling most of the day and very chilly. Jenny and I got to shop at the Layfette Galleries...basically a huge department store. I bought some Christmas ornaments for the kids and a cute Nativity set. I also got some really cute scarfs that looked very French. Then we met up with the boys and ate dinner and stopped at bakeries to load up on pastries.
It was a trip full of just relaxing and doing what we wanted. I would love to go back some day....It was a dream come true!


Heidi Ashworth said...

I am so totally jealous! How wonderful! Still waiting for the pics to load--if they don't, I'll come back later. Bonjour!

Beverly B. said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to go there myself someday.

lvs2dance said...

I am not sure why they are not can click on 'view all pictures' and it will let you see them. I am a newbie at this slide show stuff...if anyone has any helpful hints then let me know

lvs2dance said...
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Amy said...

Jenny, woo hoo I am so so so so glad you are back and I can't wait to see pics. Um, I have a suggestion, don't do the slide show thing, first of all they take forever, and then when you want to print your blog into a book they don't print. Just put them on and HURRY would ya, I have been dying to see them!!!! Love ya and hope your Halloween was great!

Dancin Queen said...


You lucky duck! Sounds like a heavenly trip. What a nice little get-away for you and Chris.

When I make slideshows I make them on, so I don't know what to tell you.

RBS said...

My dearest daughter, I am so happy, no make that thrilled that you were able to have one of your dreams come true. If anyone deserves this, you do! Loved the pics, they were perfect.
Love your mom

Tara said...

Wow and more wow!! I am so glad that you had such an amazing time. It is the coolest thing in the world to go to places that you usually only read about, and that you thought you would never go.
And hip hip hooray for european pasteries, so delish!
Love you

BreAnn said...

I'm so jealous I could puke! But I won't 'cause that would be pretty nasty. Looked like a LOT of fun and I loved the pics!

4cutekids said...

I LOVED the pictures! You looked like you had an amazing time.
I could have sworn you weren't suppose to take cameras in the Louvre...Is that true?

sadie said...

your so pretty jen! ahh i loved all of your pictures, i would love love love to go to france someday, or anywhere in europe for that matter. so yes, like everyone else...i'm very jealous as well :) but you truely deserved to go, so i'm glad you had an absolute blast! :D

Donna said...

I finally had a chance to look at all your pics ... looks amazing! So, are we going back in July? :) I so badly want to. We'll have to keep playing it by ear, but I'm still keeping my hopes up and the calendar clear!