Sunday, November 9, 2008

The birthday bash

Sienna had her birthday party with her friends last night... she had a list of 13 girls that she wanted to invite, but we had 16 invitations. Last I heard there were about 12 girls that said they were thing I know there were 17 young ladies in our home! It was craziness! We ordered pizza and had soft drinks and chips for everyone and then we began the game. I found a site online that sells Mystery party kits (like murder mystery games) but that are focused on the teen/pre-teen age. I printed out all the necessary things for each girl and made each one a 'confidential' case file. Everyone was then assigned a character and the game began. I had miraculously planned for 15, so at the last minute I had to quickly make a few more while the girls ate. It turned out pretty cute and I THINK that they had fun. The girls that participated enjoyed themselves...the ones that didn't participate probably got bored, oh well, you can't please them all. The birthday cake that Sienna decorated herself, it was pretty yummy!

The BIG group of girls (Sienna better never complain that she has no friends...geesh!)

A crazy shot

Opening gifts- She got such great stuff from jewelry to Webkins (she got five!)

Trying to solve the mystery!
The case file

Singing Happy Birthday!


Bri and the Gregster said...

Jen I should have come and worn my German Beard!!! I MISS YOU!!! Are we scrapbooking on tuesday?

Allie said...

That would have been so much fun!

Allie said...

i just have one more question? is that shirt mine! or do we have the same one that would be awesome if we did? just wondering because i recognize it!

Super Angie said...

Wow. What a group you had. Man, you are brave to have that many 11 yr olds in one place!

Heather McFeather said...

Looks like you had your hands full and that it was a lot of fun! oh and I just got my blog working,I put all of the pics on withing two days.. so looks can be deceiving. not sure how to spell it.

Tara said...

Whoa, that IS a big group of girls. Ahh, just getting you ready for all the fun YW stuff that's coming your way next year! What a great idea for a party. You are the best mom EVER!!
Love ya