Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ana the ballerina (FINALLY)

Ana has FINALLY found a dance program that she likes! My good friend Jenny has a dance studio in her basement (how lucky are we that she lives almost right behind us). We have tried to put Ana in dance SEVERAL times before, but it has always been a horrific experience for both her and I...well Miss Jenny finally convinced me into trying her studio. I have been so hesitant and didn't want to waste any more time or money on something that Ana fought with me about. I relented and decided to try ONE MORE TIME and ding ding ding ding....we have a WINNER! Ana loves her ballet class with Miss Jenny! She looks forward to going and asks me every day if it is her ballet day. Today we had a class holiday performance, instead of doing a Christmas concert, the parents are invited to come and watch a 20 minute presentation of what they have been learning. These were some pictures and video of the event. I am so pleased with my little ballerina. Ana and Miss Jenny (recognize her from the Paris pictures???) Today on the way to the performance Ana said to me "Mom I LOVE my ballet class, it is my favorite. Miss Jenny is the best dance teacher EVER. I love her!" Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Practicing her tendus

Stretching her back muscles

Miss Jenny says that she has natural flexibility...she doesn't get that from me! I have to work at it!

More stretching


Amy said...

Good job Ana, what a good little ballerina you are. I seriously can't wait to get Mya into dance, it's just so dang cute. Glad you found a good one for her.

Kayla said...

I remember some of my ballet classes, I loved ballet, I wish I would've gone further with it! Keep her going! So, so cute!!

Bri and the Gregster said...

I wish I had natural flexability!!! That's my way cute namesake!

Tara said...

Yeah Ana!! You look so cute in your leotard and tights.
Keep on dancing!

Super Angie said...

Oh that is awesome. I just love it when mom and child find that perfect "thing" for that particular child. She looks darling in those pics. I had no idea Jenny taught ballet in her home studio. Neat!

Court n Chad said...

That's so great that Ana found her 'thing'. She is so cute in her pictures. Look at her pointed toes and perfect posture! She was meant to be a dancer for sure!

BreAnn said...

Natual dancer for sure! A-DOR-ABLE!