Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The same skin

The other day Tae and I were watching Country music videos and in one of the videos it showed one of the singers at a concert. All of the fans were screaming and trying to reach up on stage to touch the singer...we've all seen this scene before, girls crying if they were able to touch someone famous etc. Tae and I had the following conversation after watching this.
Tae: Mom, why are all of those girls screaming and crying?
Me: They are just excited to see someone famous
Tae: Why do they get excited about touching someone famous? His skin feels just the same as mine.

Oh little Taelynn, you have wisdom beyond your eight years! LOL


BreAnn said...

Why are kids so much smarter??

Amy said...

Hilarious! And oh so true. Can't wait to see you tonight!!!

RBS said...

My little Tae Tae,
Your skin is much more important to me then a famous musicians is. Your skin is the skin I feel when you climb on my lap or we have a thumb war or I get to kiss your darling little cheek. You are my angel girl and I love you so very much. Never ever forget that.

Nate and Chelsea said...

What an awesome object lesson for us all!!

Super Angie said...

Make sure you keep this in your head, so when you give a talk or share a lesson at church, you can use it as an example. What a great thought!

Tara said...

Tae is the cutest. Kids say it like it is.
love you

4cutekids said...

smart girl! I love it-