Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A day at the zoo

My cousin Tara is in town for a few days from Tucson so we really wanted to go with her and her kids to the zoo. I am sad to say that Sienna is the only one of my kids that have ever been to the zoo before. After looking at the weather, today looked like the warmest day this week. So we surprised the kids and checked them out of school after lunch and drove up to the zoo. The weather was perfect...about 71 degrees. The kids had such a good time being with their cousins and seeing the Rrrrrrrr's (as Faisal calls them) animals. Thanks mom for coming with us and helping me with the kiddo's.The kids didn't really co-operate with this picture, but it is the only one of all of us.

The entire gang of kids and my cousin's husband Buddy, riding the rhino

Ana and the elephants

Posing with the ape statue...clearly Tae had issues with the nipples on the ape. LOL

Serious issues!!!

It was just too cute to not snap a picture of

Faisal yelling at the turkeys

Just had to get the picture of someone at the water fountain

Riding the train


Stubbs said...

How in the world did those two end up with bright blond hair?

"Nippy Nippy Nipples!"

Donna said...

I love the picture of the ape and Sienna ... so absolutely perfect. That's one you can torture her with for years!

Amy said...

I love Tae's face, it's the best, just shows her crazy fun personality. Looks like lots of fun. It's funny, I have seen several people's blogs about going to the zoo, I didn't even think about this time of year, but it looks perfect, good times.

Anonymous said...

I went to Zoo this summer.
But , There wasn't any elepants.

Your kids are beautfiful !!
these pictures can make for something posters.

I have a puestion .
Is sienna your child ??
and 'rbs'is your mom ??

Tara said...

Thanks for a great day at the zoo!
We love you guys!!

RBS said...

Oh my goodness gracious, We had so much fun at the ZOO! The pictures really do it justice. It was so great to be invited to join in and tag along. I loved it and I LOVE all of you.
Mom and Gaa Gaa

Super Angie said...

Too cute and what a good mom you are for taking the kids out of school!

Do your kids call your mom Gaa Gaa? If so, thats so funny! Thats what mine call my mom! Gaga!

Did you see my comment about going rock climbing this weekend? call me or email!

sadie said...

i definately love the picture of your daughter struggling with the gorilla nipples, so funny. looks like you guys had a blast :)

Allie said...

I remember Tara went with us when i was just like 1. I don't know if it was the same zoo but it had that lions mouth! it was way fun

heather said...

they have that same water fountain at the zoo in honolulu :)

BreAnn said...

I love the zoo! And gorilla nipples. But mostly, the zoo. Looks like you had lots o' fun!

pilatesmommy said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun....but I have to know was it really? I mean every time I go somewhere like that with all my kids I have to admit I'm a nervous wreck by the time it's over, especially if Colby isn't there with me.