Friday, October 3, 2008

The mostt beautiful edible cupcakes ever!!!

My friend has started a new business and I wanted to post about it to help advertise for her. She hand makes these cupcakes, cookies and cakes that are unlike any that I have ever seen...absolutely amazing! They are the BEST tasting cupcakes around, I am not one that is crazy about frosting, but this frosting is to die for!!! Check out her site for yourself and see the pictures of her amazing creations, you won't be sorry!


Amy said...

Tell me your bringing us all some tonight aren't you?????? Or may I suggest that you do, hee hee!

Amy said...

By the way, check out my hubby tag and get on it would ya!

heather said...

those are absolutely beautiful!! too bad we don't live in utah :)

pilatesmommy said...

I've heard about her...I want to try them. Someone else said that they are the best they had ever tasted, no lie.

Anderson's in Europe! said...

mmmmmmmmmmmfrosting.......when we come back home i'll have to make cory get me some.. :)he's a good boy like that....anywho.. sienna is all growed up!! when did that happen!! last time i saw her she was a cute little baby girl running around in our mini uniform!!! i still have the pictures!!!!!!!:) yes i've still got all my torgete pictures in my scrapbook... what can i say it's my favie talent!

Anonymous said...

your children is very cute.

Dance is fun.
I want to learn Rock dance .
by Satoko

Anonymous said...

I think so too.
Really ??
My blogger's friend 's ground mom is Japanese too.
and her father works in Japan now.
I live in Hokkaido.There is north in Japan.
How about you ?

Super Angie said...

oh yes...I saw an add for her cupcakes. Thanks for the link! :)

Kayla King said...

Ok, so I missed her open house that she had....she does amazing stuff. I need to order some just to taste...but they are almost too pretty to eat!!! By the way Thursday night was so much fun!!! Katherine and I were just talking about it time I say we hang out at someones house and play cards, watch a movie whatever!!! I'm so excited for you to be my new stalker!!!