Saturday, October 18, 2008

The family photo shoot

Why is it that the best of intentions always turn into a disaster??? I made arrangements for my brother to come and take family pictures of us, he has a really nice camera and I wanted to go up the canyon to capture the essence of fall.
To start out with it was tears and tantrums. Ana had a MELTDOWN about getting her hair done and then about the pants that I was making her wear (she only wears a couple of different pants and this was not one of those pairs). So after that fire was put out, Sienna started in with hers. She didn't want to wear the assigned pants either...I mean they were only Khaki's for pete's sake! Then Faze missed his nap (that was really foolish of us to let that happen). My brother brought his little boy that is Faisal's age and the two of them wanted to run around instead of taking pictures.
We found the perfect spot and started taking photos.... but NO ONE was cooperating, especially Faze. But then Chris jumped on the band wagon and started telling us that that was enough. I think that we MAYBE got three or four family shots. OK, the sweat and tears that I endured up to this point was not worth three or four pictures, I wanted a bunch to chose from. So now we will have to do it all over again. SIGH.
I brought along my camera and took a few shots, the others are on my brother's camera...when I get those, I will post some.


Steve Seely said...

Jen, if Ryans pictures are even half as good as yours you are in luck. What a beautiful family. can't wait to see them all!

Aika&Satoko said...

Soooooooo cute !!
I 'm drowing your children 's picture .
When I finish it , I will show you !

To whom it may concern... said...


Allie said...

OH MY GOSH those are so cute Jenny!!! I love Ana's hair!

Bri and the Gregster said...

Stupid pants, they just get in the way!!!! he he he!! I dont know why the girls were upset they look super cute! and the one of fasil is darling! he's such a cutie! i hope my kids turn out half as cute as yours!

Super Angie said...

Cute pictures!

BreAnn said...

Super adorable! I can't beleive how old Sienna is! She looks just like you!

Tara said...

The pictures are great!! So cute! I am sure at least one will look awesome!