Monday, July 21, 2008

Memory game

1. As a comment on this post, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.

If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.And if you're just a "lurker" that I don't know very well, please use this as an excuse to comment and say hello!


Beverly B. said...

I'm so glad we are friends again. It's so cool to meet up this way. I came acrosss your blog via Heather to Donna to you. I met up with Heather on facebook. Send me an email( I will invite you and explain.

I think is so great you are doing color guard. If I was in Utah I would have to come watch.

On to my memories. I remember you first being a rifle. You always looked great and you wore nice sandles to band camp. We were sweating like pigs and you looked fabulous. You took a break for awhile and came back to color guard as a mom. I don't know how you did it.

Tara said...

HMMM, so many memories, so little space. Do you remember that we always loved to play pageant and we would lipsink songs from Whiteny Houston and Barry Manilow. :) Playing "no bears are out tonight" with Milly and Julie as our babysitters. Eating grandpa's homemade ice cream on Sundays at their Orem house. Hiding sea shells at the condo in Bear Lake and seeing if they were there the next year. Crazy hair, I just remember you would always wake up with crazy hair. Colorguard, and more colorguard, lets see, "Robin Hood", the Snowflake year, "West Side Story", Phanton of the Oprea" . Playing the piano for you as you sang "I Can't say No" at the Strawberry Days pageant. I think you won first attendant. Sleepovers outside in the playhouse. Being a bridesmaid at your reception (I just looked at the dress this past Saturday). Double dating with you and Chris and Chris just stopping the car and getting out to dance with you when your song came on the radio, "Because you Loved Me," by Celine Dion. Being freaked out after you "explained" what it felt like to give birth, just months before giving birth myself.
Laughing and having so much fun with whatever we are doing.
I love you Jen. Thanks for always being a part of my life and memories!!

Super Angie said...

Memory.. doing Adult Tap with you at Wendi's, and going out for Hot Chocolate every Thursday morning with Brennan and Anna in tow.

Bock bock bock!!!!

4cutekids said...

you can get caffeine free diet at Sonic?? The benefits to living in UTAH. Geeeez. I've never tried the lime and cherry- I also like the Diet Sprite and cranberry- It's tasty.

RBS said...

My earliest memory of you was exhausting. You just refused to make your entrance without a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears. (always a prima dona) Then seeing that beautiful little face with a flattened nose and ear. There never has been and never will be a more beautiful and loved baby.

Amy said...

Oh where do I start friend??? I have so so so many awesome and fun memories with you. Should I start where it all began, our monthly visiting teaching with Tammy and the long and great chats we would have or should I start with scrapbook nights jumping on the tramp and almost peeing our pants at 2:00 a.m.! I miss those days!

Our most amazing girl trip ever to New York, where your sweet husband paid for us all to fly and stay there and see WICKED. I will never forget this AMAZING time, empire states building, statue of liberty, the Today show in 20 degree freezing weather just so we could be on TV, WICKED, our fancy dinner before, Central Park and riding a horse buggy through it, you peeing your pants on our hotel bed, (yes I just said that, sorry your secret is out) wow the list could go on and on from that amazing trip.

Vegas with us and our husbands, eating snails (Vomitus by the way), shopping, our awesome massages, and just hanging out.

When you decorated my whole house after I had Mya and put little cute candies all over that I would find with her name, so thoughtful.

My favorite ever is playing games with you, you are definitely the game queen and I have learned many fun games because of you. I loved playing Bunko together but really LOVED our girl nights playing games. I just love spending that fun time with all of us playing and talking away.

Our girls trip to Park City and taking a million pictures all over the town.

Sushi nights, MMMMMMM just typing it makes me want some.

Pool days at my mom's pool, wish that we did more of that.

Card and scrapbook groups that we are in and seeing your very creative side.

Lots and Lots of chats on the phone about any and everything.

Daily walks, back when we actually did them, I really want to start back up, what do you think?

Valentines day when our husbands made a very nice and yummy dinner for all of us. And the next year when we just went as a couple and I brought sweet little Mya as a baby and you guys didn't even care.

All of the Korloff adventure and hard work.

And more than any one memory, ok I guess I said more than one, I am so grateful for our friendship and want you to know that I think the world of you. I truly admire so many things about you and I just love your guts. Thanks for being my friend Jenn, you're the best!

lvs2dance said...

HOLY CRAP Amy! Those are some great memories!!! Thanks for such a sweet post!

heather said...

i agree with beverly. i thought you were the prettiest girl and i couldn't believe you could pull off practice in cute little sundresses and hats, and beautiful long hair...i must have been a bit jealous lol! and then you were so nice on top of it all :)

lvs2dance said...

OK, Bev and Heather... ARE YOU NUTS?! Those are such sweet comments from both of you. I don't remember ever feeling all 'dolled' up at practice. Thank you for such nice comments. Isn't funny what others are thinking about you when inside you are thinking "oh no, not ANOTHER bad hair day...I hope that no one can see me hiding underneath this hat!" Thanks guys for making my day!

heather said...

see, that's exactly how i've felt about those comments on my fun :) and lol about the makeup thing...i still hate's because i don't really know how lol! go ahead and link's fun to be connected again...i need to update my links too :)

Amy said...

Ok, so I have to clarify the whole peeing the bed incident in New York. First of all Jenny was pregnant Faze, 2nd she was laughing her head off, and 3rd she had a coughing attack all at the same time. So I don't care how much bladder control you have the combination of those 3 pretty much you're doomed.

Hey Jen, I had a great time tonight, thanks for taking me out even though you were way sick. Please go get that checked out by the way. Sure do love ya and hope that clears things up a bit for anyone reading this. I don't want to embarrass Jen too bad!

DaNce tO ThE MuSiC said...

Ha ha I have a lot of great memories with you!
Let’s see my very first one was the day that I came to tryout for the Riverton guard and you standing in the middle of the floor and as I would dance past you, you would say things to me like point your toes harder, look up, etc. I was SO scared of what you were thinking about me!! And I wanted so bad to impress you!!! And then when I made it onto the team I remember still being scared of you and Brianna (but mostly Brianna haha) and you guys were so much harder on me than anyone in my whole life had ever been! And you were constantly telling me everything I was doing wrong. And how hard I took it!! And I would cry when I drove home. And wanted to quit so bad. But you don’t even know how much I miss that!!! I seriously grew to love it when you told me what I did wrong!!! And all the time when I’m dancing around in my kitchen and I realize that I just did something that you once told me not to do I will always think, oh jenny would of not of been very happy if she saw me just do that!!! Haha man alive I miss you!!!
I remember all the great times I had at practice and how much you would make me laugh!!! And how much you were just like us! I will never forget you eating Candies “fun onions”, and all you’re peeing your pants stories! And sleeping over at your house and staying up all night laying on the ground talking to you! And then being woken up to you dancing to good morning Baltimore about my head singing your lungs out!!! And so many many more that I could go on forever about… but I will stop now!!! I just want you to know that I FREAKIN LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!! You were the best coach ever and I miss you so much!!!!! Thank you everything!!!!
Love McKenna Seegrist

Court n Chad said...

I remember going to the cabin with you and the guard after Taelyn was born. You didn't bring a pump and by the end of the trip you were dying. I thought it was so funny... but now I understand. I hope that's not too much to share with everyone!