Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Taelynn

Today my sweet Taelynn turned 8! I remember the day she was born and I can't believe how fast that time has gone by. We didn't know that we were having a girl, so when it was announced that she was a girl I was thrilled that Sienna would have a little sister. Taelynn is one of the sweetest little girls, she is so tender-hearted and kind. She takes such good care of her little brother, each night she tells me that she loves me "a million much" and gives me a big hug and kiss. I love to hear her laughter and see how her eyes twinkle when she smiles. What a joy she is to have in our family. Happy birthday Tae-Tae!

She looks like she is up to something in this picture

Opening presents
My mom has a tradition with the girls on their birthday to take them to build-a-bear and let them create an animal... this is the picture of the animals that both the girls picked out. Thanks mom, they had a blast today!For Tae's birthday dinner, Chris created a sushi bar, one of Tae's favorite food. We had never made Sushi before, so this was such a fun meal for us. The girls loved creating their own sushi rolls.


Donna said...

Your girls are beautiful! Cracks me up that Sienna wouldn't pose.

Happy Birthday girls!!

Spain!!! Can't wait! Italy has been lots of fun but we're excited to go back to Barcelona!

4cutekids said...
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4cutekids said...

my previous post made no sense.
Baptism year! I LOVE baptisms and I'm always so excited for that time in their life.
The pictures I took are for a friend of mine- Her daughter is getting baptized in Aug. and she asked me to take her daughter's picture for the announcement.

Super Angie said...

Happy birthday are beautiful, just like your mama!

Amy said...

Happy Happy Day Tae. You know we share the same birthday and what a great day it is huh? Jenny, she looks absolutely beautiful and I have to say one of my favorite things about Tae is her laugh. Whenever I hear it, it makes me laugh. We just adore Tae and hope she had a great day. Can't wait to hang on Wednesday!!!

Beverly B. said...

Hey cousin of my cousin's cousin! I've been trying to find you for our BYU color guard alumni facebook group.

You have a beautiful family. I remember Sienna as a little baby. Please visit my blog. I would love to reconnect with you.

Marlane said...

Lots of very cute pics! Fun birthday time. I can't believe you have those little blondies. And I really can't believe they eat sushi!!

Tara said...

Happy Brithday Tae!!! We love you and wish we could be there for your baptism. Thanks for always being a great friend to Will and Emma.
We love you