Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A little about my hubby!

I don't normally do these, but I thought that it would be fun for my kids to read someday. Plus, maybe some of you do not know my hunky husband as well as I do, so this is a great way to get to know him a little. Anyone that has ever met Chris will agree with me when I say that he is one of the most humble, honest, wonderful men that I have ever met. I feel so blessed that the Lord saw fit to send him into my life. I really am not deserving of him and in my opinion could have done so much better for himself. But his lose is my gain! I love you babe!

1-What's your husband's full name? Well I call him babe, my Italian soccer player or my hotty with a naughty body. But at birth he was given Chris
2-How long have the two of you been together? Wow a long time! We will celebrate our 12th anniversary in September.
3-How long did you date? I am embarrassed to say this, but we started dating the first part of April and got engaged the end of May. I always said that I would date my future husband for at least two years before we got married. Hmmm, not sure what changed that (probably hormones)
4-Who eats more? Him for sure, but he is a work out maniac, so he has to eat about 6,000 calories to MAINTAIN his weight! Doesn't that make you want to VOMIT?!
5-Who said, "I love you, first?" Uh, that would be me, in a letter that I wrote him when I gave him a Celine Dion CD that had our song on it. He just looked at me after he read it and said "you love me?" I still remember how he said it and the look on his face.
6-Who is taller? Chris is BARELY taller, if I wear heels then I think we are the same height.
7-Who sings better? Um... that is a no brainer. Chris could be a professional singer, I always say that his voice is what 'swooned' me (is swooned a word?)
8-Who is smarter? Definitely Chris, he uses all sorts of big words that I don't understand. He is a pretty smart cookie!
9-Who does the laundry? I will copy my friend on this answer and say the laundry fairy, Chris ONLY does laundry when he is out of garments and then he ONLY puts his stuff in the washer, no matter how few items that is.
10-Who does the dishes? The hired help. That's me. I work for peanuts. Peanut M&Ms that is. (Again, I stole this answer from my fit too well) Actually I do the dishes most of the time because he cooks most of the time. He could be a chef!
11-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If laying in the bed, then he is on the right side.
12-Who pays the bills? ME! I had to take over because SOMEONE was forgetting to pay some of the bills and utilities were being threatened to be shut off! I like it this way anyway because then I know how much I can spend on shopping!
13- Who mows the lawn? Uh, when it gets mowed it normally is Chris, but the other day I was out doing it and the neighbor felt sorry for me and brought over his riding lawn mower and edger and finished it off. I am also the ONLY one that shovels the driveway...even when I am six months pregnant! IN his defense, I am OCD about snow on the driveway. I HATE to drive on it when snow is there, it just makes it harder to get off and then it turns to ice!
14-Who cooks dinner? I think I already answered this...mostly Chris. But that is because he doesn't like the FOUR things that I know how to make and rotate making. LOL Plus, he REALLY enjoys creating dishes.
15-Who drives when you are together? Usually him. I always get car sick when he drives the BMW because he becomes a crazy race car driver when he drives that car.
16-Who is more stubborn? I would say him...I give into him ALL the time, so he generally gets his own way and wins any argument.
17-Who kissed who first? He kissed me. (a way cute story that someday I MIGHT blog about) He was SOOO nervous, I was only his second kiss and I was kind of a pro at it. :-0 I always say that I trained him well!
18-Who asked who out first? He asked me and I actually kind of stood him up for the date (according to him) Actually what happened is I decided to go with my family to Lake Powell the day before at midnight, so it was too late to call him and cancel. I asked my roommate to tell him sorry for me when he came to pick me up. Ok...I can see now that that was completely horrid for me to do that. He said that he wasn't going to ask me out again, but I guess he just couldn't resist! HAHA
19-Who proposed? Chris did, just read the post below about our engagement story.
20-Who is more sensitive? For sure me, just ask Chris
21-Who has more friends? Me. Chris was never one to need a bunch of friends like I seem to need. He is a good friend though and the friends that he does have are great friends that he has had for years!
22-Who has more siblings? Chris.
23-Who wears the pants in the family? That is tough, when it comes to money, I always feel like I need to discuss things before I purchase them. Chris just runs out and buys it and then tells me what he has done. I guess he IS the bread winner in the family. Like I said, he is stubborn, so it is hard to get my way a lot.


RBS said...

fascinating blog. I would agree that you have a fantastic hubby. Your mother must have taught you well.

Super Angie said...

Okay, I'm gonna agree with your mom's post. LOL What a great post and funny too! :)

Amy said...

We just love love love Chris. In fact can we go out as couples soon PLEASE!!!! Cute little post about an awesome guy!

Chris Meek said...

When you have someone that puts up with as much as Jen puts up with and still sings sweet blandishments about myself, the offender, clearly she is an angel. Although I was stood-up on what was to be our first date, and only realizing at that time a fraction of the beautiful person she is, I will say that I am the fortunate one, and how unfortunate it would have been for me to have a life void of Jen in my life.

lvs2dance said...

ohhhhhh! Babe! That is the sweetest thing that you wrote! That just makes me want to plant a big wet one on your face RIGHT NOW! (but I can't because you are at the gym working out... sigh)
See everyone, I am married to the greatest guy!

Court n Chad said...

You do have a pretty great hubby. I still remember the novel of a letter that he wrote to me years ago and what it meant to me. But you're wrong, Jen, you absolutley deserve him!

Amy said...

So in case you want to blog about our fun little night you can take pictures from mine and copy them to yours. It was so fun to catch up.

BTW just got your message, I hope that you are okay. We've been gone all day so I'm calling you tomorrow, but I hope that you didn't go and get your gallbladder out or something. I hope you feel better.

RBS said...

Jenny, you have been tagged. check out my blog and see what you must do
Love Mom

Amberly said...

You guys are both great people and perfect for each other.