Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Fourth to remember!

Our family had a very fun filled 4th of July! To start the day off I went to the Freedom Festival Parade and walked along side the band while they marched in it. It was such perfect weather...overcast and slightly cooler weather. I bet it was around 89 degrees. While I was at the parade Chris took the kids over to my parents for a big family breakfast.
That afternoon we decided to go tubing down the Provo river....what a blast! The water was ICE cold and was actually pretty painful until your limbs went numb, then you were ok. Ana went with me in my tube and Tae went with Lindsay my cousin, Sienna went by herself. All went well until the end were we had to get out...the current was pretty strong and when I tried to grab the rope that was hanging down from a tree, it tipped us over. This area was too deep and I could not touch. Ana was wearing a life jacket, but I was on my own. Ana went under and I landed on top of her...all I kept thinking was, "I gotta get her nose above water"... for a second it was pretty intense. Some bystanders and Chris dove into the river and tried to help. It wasn't really as bad as this sounds and I am sure that the entire thing lasted maybe five seconds. Ana of course was freaking out and scrambling to get out...thus, pushing me underwater and making it hard to swim. But we survived and sadly Ana decided that she was done and wanted no more of the river. Thirty seconds later, Lindsay and Taelynn did the exact same thing! Clearly this rope was not a help! Luckily Sienna found a better spot to exit and did not take a plunge. What a trip!
The highlight of the day was definitely that night. We had tickets to the Stadium of Fire! The entertainment for the night was Blue Man Group and MILEY CYRUS!!! I was pretty worried about how Faisal would do, but he was glued to my lap for the entire night. It was so fun to see the girls giggle while watching Blue Man Group and screaming and dancing to Miley Cyrus. The fireworks were of course AMAZING! This was such a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!

Some of our team at the 4th of July paradeAnd now a crazy shot

The before picture, the girls were a little nervous
We had to be creative on how to get the tubes up to the drop off zone...
...VERY CREATIVE!!!Ana was very tired after her "near drowning experience"

You can't tell, but Miley is right in the middle of the was so fun!

Every time someone said "Miley Cyrus" these two FANS screamed as loud as possible...honestly, it was worth the money just to watch Ana and Tae during the Miley Cyrus part of the program.

This video shows my girls ROCKIN out with Miley!!!

The screaming 'groupies'

This is my guard at the 4th of July Parade


Ashlie & Jonathan said...

Looks like SOOOO much fun! Caitlyn was so excited that her auntie Brie lived right by where Hannah Montana was going to sing! Fun!! Man, lucky EFY kids that week!!

Your dinner looks nice, and you look gorgeous - as always!! You haven't changed a day!!

Bri and the Gregster said...

How is it that you are so on top of it!!! You must have just got home and you've got your stuff on here!!! I've totally got to get better at this!

just so you know all your mily fun caused us to be stuck in 30 min of traffic trying to get into our appartment complex!!! 30 minuets to got one block!

It looked like way so much fun, and our flags didn't look that bad in that clip! what did you do???

Super Angie said...

What a fun way to celebrate the 4th. Your pics from the concert tell a thousand words...HUGE fans!:) Glad everyone had fun.

Dancin Queen said...

I think I consider MYSELF a Miley fan too after her show. She's such a fun entertainer! Fun photos!