Monday, October 10, 2011

One year ago....

Isn't it crazy how fast a year goes by? Yet if you are told 'in a year such and such will happen', it seems so far away? So much can change for the better and worse in just one year. Tomorrow marks the one year mark for the day that Chris lost his job with Goal Zero. I will always remember that day and the thoughts, worry, anger and concern for my husband that I felt. I was consumed with worry about how we would make things meet financially. Chris loved that job and he was GOOD at it!
So began the horrible process of looking for another job, filling out applications, submitting resumes and then interview after interview only to be told "sorry we are going with a different person". It can be hard on someones ego... oh so hard. Satan has a way with working hard on someone that is going through a struggle, to convince them that they are worthless and have no value.
At the time I was worried about where our family would be a year from now, would we be able to stay in our new house in the neighborhood that we LOVED?
The saying really is true.... When one door closes, another one opens. Chris was able to find a job rather quickly with a GREAT company, doing something he LOVES and is even BETTER at.
So to Goal Zero and their peace of crap management team I say THANK YOU! Thank you for being the fools that you are and letting Chris move on to bigger and better things. We are SO much better off for not having you in our lives. I am grateful for a husband that fights hard to get back on his feet when he has been beaten to the ground.
I am now excited for what the next year holds in store for the Meek Family, and that is a great feeling to have.

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RBS said...

I can't believe it has been a year! It seems a lifetime ago. Never doubt that the Lord loves you and watches out for you my darling little one. We love Chris and you and the babies soooo very much and are so proud of all of you.