Sunday, May 16, 2010

The beautiful bride

Yesterday was such a crazy busy day for me. I had a baby shower of one of my former students, a wedding (for a different former student) and I was a judge for the Miss Orem pageant. Unfortunately not everything was able to be fit into my day (so sorry Taco...I really wanted to be there!) I did make it to the wedding though and it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a wedding....perfect really. I just love when I get wedding announcements (and now baby announcements) for my former students. It makes me feel good to know that students that I once taught, invite me to their special events. I grow so attached to my students, especially girls that I taught throughout their high school careers. It also makes me realize how old I'm getting when I get a baby shower announcement for a student that I still visualize as a 14 or 15 year old!
Yesterday Dusty finally tied the knot! She was married in a spot that for many years I would take my teams to do team brought back a lot of memories being back in this spot.
Dusty looked beautiful...of course she always has been a beautiful girl.

I had to get a shot of their little family


**DiXoNs** said...

Oh what a beautiful family! Im so happy for her, this is so weird to see us all growing up!

Christina said...

yeah to you dusty!

but when you said practice for guard? where'd she get married at? you make me think the field in back of the HS

Stubbs said...

Woohoo! She looks so beautiful!

jenn said...

Nice that the weather cooperated to make a beautiful day.

Congrats to your friend.