Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yep....this was the scene at our house. The crazy thing is, these really could be ALL my kids. My bro and sis-in-law went to Cali on business and since they watched our kids while we were in Paris, it was our turn to watch theirs. Really it went very well, with the exception of the Poop incident (see post below). The best was at 13 year old cousin came with us, so there were seven kids on our bench! As I looked down the row I thought, It is possible that all of these children could have been mine (if I had followed in my mothers footsteps and gotten married at 18). It was quite the site to behold. It was fun to have my nephews with us and for them to get to know 'Auntie' better. My kids LOVED it! I think that now they want a little baby at our house...shhhh, don't tell their dad! Can you hear the screaming? Yep, there was A LOT of that at our house (from the kids, not me!)


Super Angie said...

You weren't screaming? I thought I could hear you from down at my house! lol ;)

You are a brave brave lady to take that many kids to church and then not report that the circus came to town. way to go! You are an inspiration.

Tara said...

So cute. And oh my goodness, Sienna looks very grown up in these pictures. Glad everything went well, except for of course the poop.

Allie said...

yes there was alot of screaming! hehe but i loved being there with alot of little kids!