Sunday, January 25, 2009

A wonderful christmas gift!

For Christmas our good friends Jake and Amy gave us a gift certificate to Fat Cats bowling alley. They said that we had to use it and go on a group date together (they also gave it to our friends the Barnes and Spencer's). Yesterday was the big date night and what a blast it was!!! Here are some of the crazy shots.

Kirstin after she got a strike!!!

Amy, Kristen and Me

The spouses (minus the Spencer's)
Chris, Jake 'Dough', Merrill 'Miles'

Kristen and Miles...ha ha Miles, you made it on my blog after all (he kept threatening "if these end up on your blog, you will get it!"

Me and Chris

A shot with the gift certificates...cheesy I know...oh well deal with it people!

'Dough' HATES to have his picture taken and his wife Amy ALWAYS has her camera and is taking pics! This picture captures the essence of it all!

Brett and Kirstin

They had HUGE hot chocolates (think 'so I married an axe murder')

It was REALLY hot and I burnt my tongue! Poor baby! Honey, quick, kiss it better!!! :-)

Kristen Bowling

Oh ya....were bad!!!

The proof that they have a volatile relationship!!! J/K....seriously though, notice what is in Amy's hand...yep, a camera. She was trying to take an action shot of 'Dough' and he had had enough!

Love this one of Aim

When my daughter saw this she asked "Why are they ALWAYS kissing?" I told her that they were trying to set a good example for your dad. HINT HINT!

Okay, so my JERK friends are always giving me a hard time about not ever sharing drinks with them. I admit that I have a huge germ/slobber phobia. I personally don't see anything wrong with not wanting to suck on something that someone's bodily fluid has touched. So I had my own drink and they were all sharing (dry heaving right now!!). I guess that they took this picture while I was in the bathroom. Yep that is my cup and yep, I drank it all gone before they showed me this picture. YA JERKS!

This was taken after I figured out what they had done...actually first I threw ice at ALL of them! They are such MEANERS!

You would think that he had just made a strike...nah, he gutter balled BOTH balls!!!

I guess that this is pay back! They thought that I was taking their picture, not video taping them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (said while rubbing hands together aggressively!) But not to worry girls, you will get yours!!!

Thanks again Jake and Amy for such a wonderful time!! We love you guys!


Deedee said...

A wonderful Christmas gift indeed!!
You never mentioned how you bowled, do tell!

lvs2dance said...

uhhh, I pretty much suck at bowling...I think that I scored 67ish. Some day I hope to break 100.. If only in my dreams!

Bri and the Gregster said...

Did you cut your hair!!!??? it's super cute i LOVE it! We need to scrap book! this week is kind of crazy but next week is calming down so we should do it then! and we must go to the show on saturday! I miss you! bunches!!!

Bri and the Gregster said...

Oh and P.S. dont feel bad i've never bowled above a hundred i think i average about a 30ish everytime! In high school i was forced to take PE and we had to do bowling and we had to break a 100 in our first week, i maxed out at 98!!! so that's my record 98. coach bone took pitty on me and gave me points anyway since i was such a sad case!

Amy said...

Oh Jenn, what a GREAT night it was. I will email you some of my great pics as well. We seriously love you guys more than words express and LOVE hanging out. Okay, so next is Chris's birthday, game night for sure. Love your guts. Call me tomorrow we've had the scariest night EVER!!!! Love ya

Super Angie said...

That is hillarious. I had no idea bout the drink thing...meanies! But cute pic!

Amy said...

By the way I think I'm a dang good singer, hee hee! Love the video!

muggins mahooney said...

Oh the sharing of drinks! I remember so well from high school. Glad to see you've got some daring friends out there. I wouldn't have dared done that in a million years!

muggins mahooney said...

FYI we took the kids bowling last week for their birthdays and I bowled like a 60 or so. Oh well. My dad, aka Mr. Bowling only got 39! What can we say: the Wii had certainly dumbed us down.

Kortney said...

Looks like a total blast!! How I miss talking with you, so many memories of Color Guard :). How are you doing?

Trieste said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I went bowling with Jacie at our work Chrismtas party and it was so much fun! I think my highest ever was right around 100, but usually it was around 70 too so don't feel bad! I can't believe they did that to your drink, I agree with you about the sharing yuck factor. I can't believe they were so mean to you (but, I have to admit I did laugh at least it happened to you and not me)!

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

I need some of these pics... sad I forgot my camera.. I can't believe it! Will be calling for a girls hot tub night! I'm afraid if I tell you now, we'll have tons of peepers looking at our sexy bikinis!!! Talk to you soon.

Tara said...

Ah, it looks so fun!! Can we come next time? We need to get OUT!!
Love you