Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It is time for catch up!!!

If you are a follower of my blog you know that I haven't been able to find my cables to hook up my camera and download my pictures. Well good news!!! I found them!!! (Picture angels singing the hallelujah chorus right now) So bare with me, because I have pictures clear back from THANKSGIVING!!! Since this is my makeshift journal, I figure that I need to document these here it goes!

TWILIGHT!!!! I can hardly believe that I have yet to post anything about such an anticipated event! It was so anticipated that I had a Twilight party with some of my friends from my ward. We played 'Twilight Jeopardy' and ate food and then of course we all went to see the movie. We had such a great time! As for the movie....I really liked it. I did like it better the second time that I saw it, but the first time was just fun. It was fun being in an audience full of starry eyed people that cheered when Edward first came on screen. It was a blast!

Thanksgiving is here! It is a family tradition from when I was little to make our Thanksgiving turkeys that we use as place card holders...they are so cute and fun to make. My girls really look forward to making them each year. Aren't they darling?! We enjoyed the day with my family (there was about 40 of us) at my Gma's house.

After Thanksgiving dinner my girls entertained the group with a skit that they put together with music from 'Into the woods'. Sienna sewed little costumes for each of the kids (way cute!) and they sang and danced their little guts out. At the last minute Tae got stage fright and hid behind the couch and cried...sigh.....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..... The day after Thanksgiving I put up Christmas! Just had to share a few pictures from our decorated home.

It's dance recital time! The girls each got to perform at their studio's Christmas concert. Sienna DID NOT want to get her picture taken in her outfit...hence the look on her face! I also added a video of Sienna's dance, she is the one in the pink top.

Our neighbor invited us, and another family, to dinner after church on the 14th. We enjoyed a lovely meal and then all of the kids re-enacted the Nativity. Sienna was too crazy about doing this, but she did agree to be the donkey.

My dad really wanted to take all the grand kids up to see the lights at Temple square, so we decided to take Tracks up downtown and then walked around Temple square. After that we made our traditional journey to Crown Burger for dinner. My dad loves that place! It was a very fun, but chilly, evening!

Sienna says goodbye to her teacher. Sienna's teacher Mrs. Mabry is moving back east because her husband got a job back there. She will miss her teacher so much, she really loved her.

Christmas is here at last! Did it seem like Christmas just zoomed by??? We had a great Christmas day. All of my family came to our house for brunch, which was nice not to have to drive anywhere, especially since it was snowing like crazy! Santa SPOILED the kids this year! Ana got a kitchen set, Tae got a huge Barbie house, Faze got a train table and basketball hoop and Sienna got a sewing machine. This year I really tried to be creative with gifts that I gave the kids and I tried to make them things. I made Ana, Sienna and my mom an apron that turned out DARLING! I also made the girls a TON of hair clips for them to wear in their hair, which also turned out awesome. Chris made my dad a huge jar of his specialty....'pico de Chris', which is one of my dad's favorites. The girls help make some clips for their friends as well, a great idea for anyone looking for an easy and inexpensive gift idea for little girls. Later that night we went to my brothers house to play was a very relaxing and fun Christmas day!

A video of the kids when they first came into the room on Christmas morning.
PHEW! I think that I am all caught up now!


Heidi Ashworth said...

Fun fun fun! Fun to hear your voice and see your kids in action and fun to see your grandparents house--I was there with my parents and couple of years ago. And I loved the turkeys--gotta learn how to make those!

Anonymous said...

sooooo nice days !
Sienna's dance is cool.
Japan is already a happy new year !!

A Happy new year !!!!!!

Steve Seely said...

You have caught us up and I am feeling very slothful. I will get to it by and by I suppose. It is so fun to read up on my grandkids. Love you all more and more and more.

Super Angie said...

Yea! Its fun to catch up and see how your December went (and a bit of November). CUTE Turkeys...I need to know what you do to make those--we'll talk next November. :)

Hey! Where is the pic of me at your twilight party? Remember, I looked totally FAB in my new outfit? ;)

Tara said...

Yeah, it was fun to see everything in one post! I am glad that all the holidays were great!
love you lots and lots

BreAnn said...

Yay, now I know what the Meek family has been up to the last month! Pish posh, you don't have a "kid tree", your tree is gorgeous! It's huge! Especially comapred to mine! Loved the pics, and the videos, Sienna is a very talented dancer! When shelifted her foot up I was like holy cow!