Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The DREADED day has finally arrived

After having three children that had HORRIBLE going to bed habits, we finally had a child that we could give a bottle to, put him in bed (STILL AWAKE!) say goodnight, shut the door and be done. What a wonderful way of living!!! Well this child is 2 1/2 years old and is still in a crib... I know, some of you must be thinking "why do you have a two year old with a bottle AND still in a crib?" WEll I will tell you in word...WAY TOO CONVENIENT (ok, that was three with it!) After having three kids that had to be asleep before we put them in bed, or had to sleep IN our bed, I will gladly take a 2 1/2 year old that has to have a bottle to go to sleep.

Well yesterday our lives became a WHOLE LOT MORE difficult. We put Faisal down to bed and then setteled down with Chris to watch the much anticipated finale of The Biggest Loser (which by the way, the person that we wanted to win DID!). About an hour later, Faisal came running into the room! Chris and I looked at each other and I stupidly said to him "did you get him out of bed?" He looked at me like I was crazy and said "NO!"
A few weeks ago, Faisal had jostled his crib so much that some of the screws worked their way out and he was able to lower one side of the crib down and walk down it like a ramp...I know crazy! But I had fixed that problem, so I just figured that one of the girls got him out.
When Chris and I went to bed, Chris put him back in bed and we got into bed. Not more than 20 seconds later HE CAME RUNNING IN AGAIN! What the heck??!!!
In case you haven't guessed....YES, he has figured out how to climb out of his crib! What am I supposed to do now??? Suggestions please!!
The rest of the night consisted of him SCREAMING when I would put him back in bed until he would climb out and come running into our room. Are our days/nights of sweet slumber over???


RBS said...

Very possibly my dear your nights of peace are indeed over. you knew it was just a matter of time before he figured it out. Actually you are VERY fortunate it has lasted this long. (He has always had the skills of a gymnast when it came to climbing and getting what he wanted.) All I can say is be CONSISTENT and eventually he will get the idea. Or eventually he will train YOU and you will have another person in bed with you.
Love ya

BreAnn said...

That super sucks! My mom always used duct tape and taped our midsection to the bed to keep us in there, and slowly but Shirley I learn to just stay in bed. Um, yeah- I'm kidding.

Court n Chad said...

Ick, I hope it's a faze that will soon be over! It stinks to have a child that won't go to bed. Ella has always gone to bed so good, just put her in awake and leave and she goes to sleep. And she slept all night, for about 2 months. Now she needs help (sometimes lots) to go to sleep and she wakes up at least once a night. Why do they regress when it comes to sleeping? Wow, huge novel sorry, I just sympathize with you.
Oh, and I was so excited that Michelle won Biggest Loser too!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I agree with your mom. The party's over. When my boy started JUMPING out of his crib around this age (I know, he was old but we didn't think to buy him a bed, what can I say? he was our oldest) we thought about putting one of those nets over the bed that you tie. We also thought about putting a gate in his bedroom door so that if he got out of bed, he still couldn't run out of the room. We finally just got him a cute toddler bed that he helped put together thinking it would do the trick. Not. I ended up singing him to sleep every night and when he woke up he would wonder where mom was and why the singing had stopped. He ended up in bed with us a lot! I didn't have my second until he was about 5.5 SO when he was about five and a few months, we did that thing where you put him in bed and then you sit on the end of your own bed in a darkened room until he comes in. Then you put him back in bed. Then you do it all over again and again for hours. However, even my slow learner child got the point and it only took a few nights of that before he stayed in his own bed. Now he is my best sleeper--you can't wake him up for anything once he is asleep (of course, he's 19 so . . .)

Bri and the Gregster said...

If it makes you feel better i think 2 1/2 and caged is perfect and i think my bro was three and caged plus he carried his bottle around just as long too!!! and it's super cute faisal... that boy can clime out of anything!!! I miss you, it was awesome to see you!!!

The Hartungs said...

Joe started climbing out of his crib around 3 so I kinda know what your goin thru. I thought about those crib nets too but couldn't find em in MT. at least not in GF, though I have seen them at baby's r us. he couldn't get the side of his crib down he just ended throwing himself over it. it didn't look comfy. so we ended up getting him a toddler bed from someone in our ward who was finally upgrading their 6 yr old to a twin and we put one of those childproof handles on the inside of his door so he couldn't get out.

amyseely2003 said...

Kade started jumping out of his crib When Ky was a month or 2 old. So he's been in a toddler bed since and he still gets out of his bed, grabs armfuls of toys, goes back to bed and barks like a little doggy until we come in. There are so many toys/books in his bed there isn't room for him. But I've read you shouldn't say anything to them, just take their hand and walk them back to bed as many times as they do it and eventually they'll stay in bed. Just like Mu said...consistancy.

triestep said...

I'm so sorry...that is so not fun! I think we are headed in the same direction...our 2 year old is still in a crib and we used to be able to read a book, and sing a song, and put her to bed, no problem. But, the last few days and nights she's been wanting to sleep in her sister's bed or our bed for naptime and never stays put or throws a fit when we put her in the crib. What can't the nice times last?

Court n Chad said...

Hey, just got your Christmas card this morning, and wanted to tell you that they are Way Cute! Great job on them!

Super Angie said...

Yes, our sweet Tanith has learned to climb out of her crib too (we still give her a bottle as well...we are so cool, aren't we?), so I'm feeling your pain.



Tara said...

O.k, first, how did you make it so long. Ty is not even two and he is climbing out of his crib now! I do not like it sam I am, I do not like these change in plans.
We have also had a wonderful time with bedtime, until now! ARghhh!
I totally agree with auntie, Consistency is the key! You keep putting him right back in every time he gets out. Also, you might think about a big boy bed, since he can get out anyway, at least it's safer to get out of a regular bed instead of scaling the crib. I think for Ty's birthday next week, he will be getting a mattress for tthe bottom bunk.
You can put a child door lock on the inside, so if he gets out of bed then he at least can't come out of his room. Or you can do like we do, which is pick a really good book like (MIss Delacourt speaks her mind" have you heard of it, it's super good :) Then you sit in the doorway of the bedroom and wait for him to fall asleep. It doesn't take very long, and you get some reading done in the process.
We have also been known to rig the door handle so they can't get out, not sure if that's legal or not, but at least they aren't coming into your room crying all the time.
Eventually they get it and they stay in bed. Emma has been in a big girl bed since she was 2 and hasn't had any problems since.
We will wish each other luck and we change the plans of what used to be and enter this not so nice new phase.