Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family pictures are here!

I have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of these pictures so that I could get my Christmas Cards mailed out....they have finally arrived!!!! I am so happy with them! The photographer was a friend of my parents that is just getting into the photography business and I think she did fantastic! She suggested that we take them in this field that had three abandoned cabooses, which made for a great backdrop!
As you can see in some of the pictures, Faisal was NOT very cooperative, so we spent much of our energy trying to keep him from running off and climbing the trains. It turns out that Ana should have been prompted because she did not smile! Why do kids have to make pictures so difficult??? When it is all said and done we leave having 'taco pits' from chasing after kids....maybe that is the reason that I only try to do family photos once a year! SHEESH

The entire gang

This is the only picture where Ana is KINDA smiling. We had to hurry and take it before Faze climbed to the top and was 'gone forever'.

I LOVE the coloring in this one!

What a little monkey boy! It's a good thing that he is cute!

My main squeeze

Another group shot- Look at all of those bald little babies! Auntie loves you!!!

Me and my siblings

My cute parents

My bro Nic, Krista and Addie

My bro Joe, Missy and Tyler

My bro Ryan (yes, the one that we bought from the gypsies all those years ago), Amy, Kade and Kyler

My mom and all of her grand babies...clearly Faze had had enough!

This is the same shot....BEFORE photoshop. Isn't technology amazing?!


Amy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! You all look great, they are perfect! And I love the one of just you and Chris, you both look gorgeous!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I am thrilled you posted all of these--your mom only posted one on her blog and despite my begging, that's all I got. Thanks! (How did you have four and kids and still be so skinny?)

Beverly B. said...

So cute!

RBS said...

I am glad you posted more pics as Heidi did ask for more. I do love the way they turned out and I am happy to have them. We are current, at least for the time being.

Super Angie said...

what darling pics. I love all of them...even when you said your kids weren't behaving. Looks great! Great idea with those cool!

sadie said...

your family is SOOOO CUTE! i didn't know you grew up as the only girl too, we could totally relate :) yeah uhm again your family is adorable haha i miss you jenny!

Anonymous said...

Soooooo nice pictures !!!!
I like them !!!!!!

Amberly said...

Adorable pics. It is hard to get everyone smiling, but you all look great!

Anonymous said...

Love the family pictures. I like the backdrop and I think you have an absolutely amazing family. Have a very merry Christmas. I didn't get my Christmas Cards out. I procrastinated to long, and have had so much going on. I promise to send them out next year. :o)

Anderson's in Europe! said...

geeze jenny your family has grown since i last saw you!! and they are all so dang cute!! chris is gonna have problems here real soon! 3 gorgeous girls and a handsome little hunk? he he, beautiful pics!! LOVES!

BreAnn said...

Woah Ten-der! Love the cabooses, I would love to have had wedding pic there, that would be cool. Your family is gorgeous!