Sunday, August 3, 2008


My brother Joe has a sister-in-law that owns a cabin and miraculously it was available this weekend. Joe called my family up and asked if we wanted to go up there for the weekend, we of course said yes. The cabin is only about 40 minutes from home, so it would be easy for us to come down for the baptism and church today. It was such a fun family loves to play games, so the bulk of the time was spent playing games together. We also enjoyed playing 'horse' and basketball on the sports court, swinging on the swing and lounging in the hot tub. It was such a relaxing time... hopefully we can do it again when my brother Nic is in town and could join us. My two brothers that did come have newborns so I LOVED getting my baby fix off of their little ones. It was a great time!Here is a shot of the cabin, it sits on 40 acres of land, so we had a LOT of area to ourselves!

Of course we had to get a family shot...Faze wasn't so cooperative.

My brother Joe, his wife Missy and their sweet baby Tyler

Ana swinging on the rope swing

Playing 'horse' on the sportscourt

The kids loved lounging in the hot tub


Tara said...

Totally aweome cabin!!! We need to get one of those!
I am glad you guys were able to go and have a great time before all the school stuff starts.
Love ya

Super Angie said...

How fun! Its great to see families having so much fun together!

Amy said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!! I love the family pic of you, too bad Faze wouldn't look at the camera! Little stinker boy! Glad you guys had fun, you definitely deserve it.

crystal said...

That is a GREAT family photo! Will I see it on the Christmas card this year?..........