Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skiing with Lisa

While Chris was gone on business to Switzerland (ya, I know, lucky duck!) I took advantage of some ski passes that I had to Sundance. I took Taelynn one week and my amazing friend Lisa the other week. Lisa had never skied at Sundance so she was excited to go with me. We had SUCH a good time, it was an amazing warm!
Check out that view! Perfect blue sky's!
Us at the top of the mountain. They have a lodge up there that we ate lunch at.

Hilarious! On the first run down, Lisa decided to take the harder route and I took the easier way. I looked over at her just as she took a huge spill! It was so funny! Then she couldn't get up... it took her several tries to finally get back on her feet. She was so shocked that she fell, she said that it has been years since she has fallen. What a hoot!
I think that she looks like a movie star in this pic. I seriously think that skiing is such an ugly sport... I feel so BLAH and frumpy. Why does everyone else always look so cute and stylish while they ski and I look like a stinkin Oompa-Loompa?!

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