Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our new cabin

Oh how I wish this was ours! This past weekend we went and stayed in this beautiful cabin with all my family. It is my brother's in-laws cabin, not ours :0(
For Christmas my brother gave all of my family members a weekend at this cabin. We spent four days up there and it was WONDERFUL. We had such a great time visiting, playing games, riding snowmobiles and watching movies. Thanks Nic and Krista for such a wonderful time!
This picture was taken this summer, when we were there the snow was as tall as the first deck!
Part of the front of the cabin... I couldn't fit the whole thing in my camera's lens. It was huge!
This was the great room and dining room.
Another shot of the great room.
This was the downstairs family room/game room
The theater was INCREDIBLE! I literally felt like I was at the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. It was called "Big Thunder Mountain railroad Theater" Inside it looked like you were inside a red rock mountain. The picture above was of the stage in front of the screen and a cool mural on the wall.
The chairs were those 'rumble' seats that shook when the movie scene did, and all the seats reclined.
They even had a train set that ran around the top of the ceiling.
Freaking coolest theater I have EVER scene!
The entrance to the theater was right next to the 'ice cream parlor'
This was the downstairs kitchen that they called the ice cream parlor. All the little jars along the back were filled with different types of candy to be mixed into ice cream. They even had those cold granite slabs like they do at Cold stone that they mixed our ice cream on.
One of my favorite things about the cabin was how kid friendly it was! There were three different playing areas for kids. Here was the first one.
This was so DARLING! It was in the basement next to the ice cream parlor. I just love all the details that were added.
Look at this mural! I love how they made it look like the names of the kids had been engraved into the wall.
This was inside the General Store, the back wall was a painted mural that opened up into a secret hiding place. The kids loved playing store!

This was the second play area in the 'Princess room'. The front of the room had four beds and the back of the room they turned into a little cottage. These two pictures were in the cottage.
This faux fireplace was so darling!

The front of the cottage.... everything but the shutters were painted on. So cute!
Another mural, across from the beds.
A shot of the room from the doorway. This is where my girls slept.
The third play area was the 'tree house' room. It had a awesome bathroom in it, the picture above is the tile floor in the bathroom, it had frogs, lizards and leaves in it.

Another mural against one of the walls
Can you believe how awesome this is?! The tree trunks felt so realistic. Behind the trees were three sets of bunkbeds.
Ana playing on the log bridge that took you from one play area to the other.

The entrance to the tree house.
At the other end of the room they had another little deck area for them to climb up in and play.

The cabin sat on 160 acres of private land for us to snowmobile on. The snow was so deep and each night we got a new foot of snow. It really was incredible and so so fun!

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