Sunday, October 31, 2010


"It's close to mid....night! And something evils lurking in the dark!"
On the 19th I FINALLY was able to take Sienna and go see THRILLER!!! It was AMAZING! I have been wanting to see it for years so I was so excited to see it. We went with our good friends Jen and her daughter Megan.

Before the show we went and ate at Training Table...of course I HAD to get some tasty cheese fries...YUM!

Before and after the show they had zombies that walked around the audience, they were pretty believable!
What an awesome night! I hope to make it a yearly tradition.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


So pretty much this describes how I feel right at this moment. Can ANYONE tell me why my kids get a HUGE shot of adrenaline at precisely 8PM???? They LITERALLY climb the walls and become crazy, tag playing, screaming maniacs. I just had to pull my 7 year old off of the railing. WHY???
They are currently running around upstairs when they should have been in bed 38 minutes ago. Now the doors are slamming and I just know that someone is gonna lose a finger.... guess I better go and start threatening to take away Christmas (again) this year. SHESH.

My love affair

Because I know how to protect the things that I love!

Anyone that REALLY knows me, knows how much I LOVE my popcorn. Not just any popcorn, but movie theater popcorn. Not just ANY movie theater popcorn....but one that has THREE LAYERS of butter. Not just any movie theater, three layers of butter popcorn, but a LARGE popcorn so that I can get the free refill and take it home to enjoy over the next few days. SIGH. It is truly one of the few perfect foods on this earth.
I have learned.....through trial and messy errors, that it is safest for my popcorn to travel home in the way pictured above, thus preventing a spill due to a sudden stop (or my aunt nearly running us off the road...sorry deedee).
I have even been known to go to the theater just to buy a thing of popcorn and then leave to eat it at home.
This post has made me hungry....too bad it's Sunday, or I would run out and pick me up a little slice of heaven right now!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I know that I don't say it enough, but I have such a huge amount of love and admiration for this man that I am married to! He has had a really tough couple of weeks and I have been so impressed with the Christ like way he as handled things!
He has been dealt a pretty challenging thing and instead of getting even, or using this as a time to bad mouth someone that easily deserves it, he has chosen to take the higher road. I so respect him for this. It is hard to watch someone you love so much be hurt by others and feel powerless to help.
Chris is one of the most talented and hard working men I know. He has so much to offer as an employee and it just sucks that not everyone has the eye's to recognize it.
Babe, I love you more and more each day and I know that for whatever reason the Lord needed us to go through this hopefully brief trial.
I am so proud of you and feel lucky to be your wife! You are STILL my Hottie with a Naughty Body!

Halloween Party Time!!!

Last night Chris and I went to a neighborhood party that was such a BLAST!!! We were all required to dress up and boy does this neighborhood take that challenge on with a vengeance. Everyone looked so awesome! Chris and I went as Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally. We borrowed our costumes from Amy (thanks Aim!) I made a DARLING cake that I took as our food can see it on my cake blog.
The first thing we did is load everyone into cars and drive to a local Laser Tag place and played laser tag.....what a blast that was! Then we ate and played games. Then we came back to the host's home and played some more games, ate some more and visited some more.
Oh how I love the people in this neighborhood! They are such amazing and fun people. I feel so blessed to be making the friends that we are. I just love, love, love them! Me and Jack
Me as Sally

My friend Lisa as Malificent.....just love her (and her costume)

Thank you, thank you Stringham's for inviting us and for being such fun hosts! You guys rock!

Monday, October 18, 2010

"I'll get you my pretty!"

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to entertain! I look for any reason to have a party....this was the second year that I threw a WITCHES party, I wasn't sure how this would go over in my new neighborhood but I wanted to give it a try. Let's face it, a party is a great way for me to make friends. So I gave it a try, and it was a SUCCESS! I had a blast planning the party and decorating for it.

I borrowed this coffin from a neighbor and we used it to serve out of it..... it was so cool.

Everyone contributed to the meal... soups, appetizers and desserts.

I made some cupcakes that I tried to make look like Witches hats.

One of our activities was a road ralley/scavenger hunt. We divided into two teams and off we went with our list of thing that we had to take pics of.
A scary yard scene.

Something spiritual.

Search in a grocery store for random items.

Trick or treat a home.

A pic with multiple pumpkins.

A cute shot of Connie

The winning team....minus Dani, who jumped in the pic at the last minute.

A tombstone.

A flag from your favorite team.

Crazy Lisa and cute Amy

All the gang together. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make this a great evening!