Monday, October 18, 2010

"I'll get you my pretty!"

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to entertain! I look for any reason to have a party....this was the second year that I threw a WITCHES party, I wasn't sure how this would go over in my new neighborhood but I wanted to give it a try. Let's face it, a party is a great way for me to make friends. So I gave it a try, and it was a SUCCESS! I had a blast planning the party and decorating for it.

I borrowed this coffin from a neighbor and we used it to serve out of it..... it was so cool.

Everyone contributed to the meal... soups, appetizers and desserts.

I made some cupcakes that I tried to make look like Witches hats.

One of our activities was a road ralley/scavenger hunt. We divided into two teams and off we went with our list of thing that we had to take pics of.
A scary yard scene.

Something spiritual.

Search in a grocery store for random items.

Trick or treat a home.

A pic with multiple pumpkins.

A cute shot of Connie

The winning team....minus Dani, who jumped in the pic at the last minute.

A tombstone.

A flag from your favorite team.

Crazy Lisa and cute Amy

All the gang together. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make this a great evening!


Tara said...

You have to take every one of those pictures off of this blog immediately, I am the biggest dork ever. My face is like total dorkhead in every picture. And what's with the peace signs??? huh?? and the great group picture, ummm totally ruined it. Oh man, don't keep these for posterity.

But I did laugh my head off when I looked at all of them.

It was a really fun party.

Amy said...

and of course it was the best little partaaay ever!! Sure love you friend.....hey I know, why don't you throw a Halloween one now with hubby's???? Come on.....I am really craving a fun Halloween party! Hee Hee

jenn said...

You throw the best parties of any girl I know and I'm so glad I got to don my witch hat and be part of the fun!

Thanks for a great night JL!!

J said...

Found your blog by accident. Cool photos. By the way I am looking for someone to expand my business with. My Blog

Michele said...

Dang it! It looks so fun.... only if it truly had been on that Thursday:)Sorry....

Michele said...

Dang it! It looks so fun.... only if it truly had been on that Thursday:)Sorry....