Sunday, June 6, 2010


Can you believe that I have a child old enough to attend girls camp?!!! Yep, it is true. Sienna spent all last week at girls camp in our new ward. I was crossing my fingers that this would be a positive experience for her and that she would make friendships and guess what? SHE DID! This ward has welcomed her with open arms and she says that the girls in this ward are MUCH nicer than our last ward....thank heavens! I really missed her while she was gone, it just isn't the same without her in our home. I have to admit I was a bit jealous that she got to go...I LOVE going to girls camp! A group shot of our ward
I asked Sienna about this pic and she said that they had just been 'snipe' hunting. LOL remember doing that your first year at camp? They told the girls that they had to put toothpaste on their faces cause snipes hated the minty taste. LOL so funny!

They got to camp up at Heber Valley, IN CABINS! Lucky ducks!!!

The first week of summer break

Today we returned home from a five day trip down to St. George. We went down there because my cousin got married and because they asked me to make their wedding cake. I was excited but nervous to make my first wedding cake. The design that they wanted was easy enough and fun to do, they challenging part was keeping it from melting! The reception was outside in 102* weather! The bride and groom cutting the cake
The final product.... the wedding colors were bright pink, green, orange, turquoise and yellow. A ton of colors, but so fun. Definitely not your traditional wedding cake!
The worst part of the trip was that Chris wasn't able to come with us...he had a business trip that same weekend so I had to make the trip alone with the kids. We spent a few days at my Aunt's house and then went to a hotel, which had a great pool for us to cool off in. Another downer was on the first night we took the kids to a really fun park that was located next to some water....which brought on the mosquitoes! My legs were ATTACKED, I counted eight bites. So the rest of the trip I was scratchin something fierce!!

The girls had fun taking pictures of themselves at the wedding reception.

Look at how red her face was so hot!

Such a cutie!

After returning home with a car full of fighting, crying and screaming kids I need a VACATION! Just me, my hubby, a beach and a book!

A much needed break with my girls

I just love good friends! A few years ago me, Amy and Kristen started doing overnighters where we could stay up all night laughing and playing games. This year was no different, we booked a hotel and spent the night up in Salt Lake. First we ate at one of our favorite restaurants-Cheescake Factory! Then we went to the movie and got the BEST MOST BUTTERIEST POPCORN ever!!! Next we went back to the hotel and played games, laughed and just relaxed. Oh how I love these times with my friends!

Yah, we get a little crazy with a camera in our hand! LOL

Fireman's Breakfast

For memorial day weekend we went to the annual Fireman's Breakfast with my parents. It was a yummy breakfast and the kids LOVED looking at the fire engine's afterwards.

Me and my Pa
The girls with Smokey the Bear

Not the best family shot, but oh well. Sienna didn't come with us because she was at an end of school sleepover party.

Faze went crazy with the fire engines, it was so cute.

The art project and a yearbook award

One of Sienna's last ceramic projects was to make something out of paper mache'. She was pretty creative and decided to make a ginormous hamburger. I just loved how realistic it looked, minus the size. It was awesome! Great job Sienna bug!

Since last week was the last week of school that meant yearbook signing! Sienna was so excited to be in middle school this year because that meant that she could get a yearbook. There were two surprises that I found as I was looking through it. I got to the pages were it did the student votes, you know the ones....most likely to succeed, smartest student, class clown etc. Well guess what 'award' my sweet little innocent daughter got? Most Popular AND Biggest Flirt..... aaagghhhh. FOR REALS??? I would have been great with class clown or smartest student, but biggest flirt? I don't know where she gets that from!