Thursday, April 22, 2010

The sign says it all

So glad that I picked a husband that can talk me down off of the emotional ledges that I often place myself on. This week has been a pretty tough one for me. Let's face it.... moving sucks and on top of that I have had some friend drama to deal with. It makes the inner monster come out and rear it's UGLY head. It makes you become irrational and very hard to live with. But I married a gem and instead of tossing me out on my rapidly growing butt, he helped me see things from a different perspective. He showed me compassion, brought me home flowers and arranged for some friends to take me out to the movie. What a sweet man I have! I love you babe....thanks for sticking by your crazy wife and loving me when I was undeserving of your love.
I especially LOVE doing puzzles together, now that is quality time spent together!!!! ;-) Oh and it doesn't hurt that he is so pleasing to the eye! He will always and forever be my Hottie With a Naughty Body!


crystal said...

Friend drama! Ugh. Toss THEM out on THEIR butts (to quote you), I say! Friends who come with drama are not friends.

I mean really. We're in our 30's.

Where'd you move???

jenn said...

What the he**?!!

I was just saying how Crystal cracks me up on my other friend's blog who I'm pretty sure you don't know- and now here she is on your blog...

Hey Crystal!
("Small World" FREAKS me out sometimes!)

Sorry about the friend drama Jenny.
Love the image of emotional ledges- isn't that the truth.
Happy Chris made you happy.
No comment on his body- that would be inappropriate!
Puzzles? huh.

Amy said...

Awww.....what a sweetie cute little Chris is. Glad you are feeling better and that things are going better. So now lets plan our little girlie time okay! LOVE YOU!!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Great post Jenny.

Thanks for you know what.
Luv ya!

PS...cute blog background!

Christina said...

i love that you still call him that! it makes me know that if you 2've still got it, I can have hope for the future! man you've had that saying for almost 10 years now! but at least it's still true!

Tara said...

You both are awesome and so good for each other!
Wish we could have helped with all of your move.
Hopefully I will get to see you next week!!

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