Friday, April 9, 2010

A lofty goal...and....a bit of a copycat

I have found inspiration..... yes, it does happen every so often. THE CAKE BIBLE! I want this book so bad! It looks like something that could potentially be my best friend in the kitchen! In fact I told Chris last night that if he got me this then I would do a copy-cat of Julie and Julia and make EACH recipe in this cookbook of almost 400 pages AND maybe even blog about each cake, or at least about the REALLY good recipes. I figure that if I am going to get serious about this cake making thing then I need to up my resources and I think that this book could be the answer. Do any of you own this book and is it as great as I am thinking that it is???
To be continued...

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Tara said...

Jennylynn_i am stalking you! I heard you make AWESOME cakes so wanted to see what they are all about. You are freaking amazing!!!! Make the cakes-they are beautiful and I will do the Julia Childs thing and make all her recipes!