Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ward Christmas party...aka... Who- ba-lation

Chris and I were asked to be on the activities committee for our Christmas party. This was an AMAZING event! I know that I have said it before, but I'm saying it again.... I LOVE OUR WARD!
It was fun to get to know the members of the committee...they are so dang talented. They made and created every bit of decoration! Wow... just look at the pictures!
We did a Whoville Whobalation and completely transformed our gym into whoville. This was a family event so we went to great lengths to plan things that every age would enjoy. We tried to base it off of things from the Grinch movie.
We had sack races, who tattoos (face painting), cupcake walk, mt. crumpit fish pond, family pictures, and even a whoville post office where you could write letters to the missionaries in the ward.
They asked me to make a big cake that could be used as the centerpiece for the sweets table....this is what I came up with.
This was the tallest cake I have made. It was fun and turned out pretty cute.
I was in charge of the dessert table....take a look at the spread! YUMMMMM
The 'whoville children's choir' performed, they sang Welcome Christmas (the popular whoville song from the movie). Notice their hair, we had a hair contest. There were some great entries.
In the middle of the 'town square' we had our giant tree.
This was the entrance to the cupcake walk.
Our Mt. Crumpit fish pond!
Fish pond in action. Check out the street sign and poles....they were homemade and separated all of the different activity centers.
The mayor of Whoville.... Augustus Maywho
Someone even invited the Grinch!
On the stage we had a photo spot set up, Chris took all the family portraits
The street sign for the photos "Who's Who in Whoville"
Who Tattoo's... the face painting booth
Ana's face paint
The town post office. There was a slot for each missionary, below their slot was a picture of the missionary so that the kids would know who they were writing too. Notice the bottom right, even the Grinch had a slot, it had cobwebs!
Once the letters were written they took a picture of the person that wrote it and printed it on the back of their letter so the missionaries would know who it was that was writing to them. So clever!
A close up of their slots
It was such a great evening. Thanks to everyone who helped make this amazing!


Michele said...

you all did a great job! Nice work!

Super Angie Супер Энджи said...

first, AMAZING CAKE! Super creative and fun.
Second, this seems like such a fun ward party, where everyone is included instead of just a few cliches. No wonder you love your ward so much. Seems like they really "get" what a ward should be!

Oh, Sweet!... said...

Wow, looks like an amazing party!!!

Heidi said...

This is just incredible! And the best part is the cake you made. Wow! You are so talented. It must feel good to discover such an awesome talent and put it to good use. Way to go!