Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Photo shoot 2010

A few weeks ago we went and had our family pictures taken. I had made a cake for a co-worker and in exchange she agreed to take some pictures of us. She has recently started a photography business, so I was excited to have her take our pictures. She is amazing! Her name is Jill Witt and you can find her website at, check it out!These first few are some of my favorite group shots! I can't decide which one to blow up.....that is a good thing!
We went behind a place in Lehi called Osmond has so many great places to take pictures!
I love the back drop for this one, it really went well with our colors.

I have always wanted to have pictures taken on train tracks. So fun.
Faze really struggled during this photo the end we were pretty desperate to try and get him to smile. Little turkey!
I love this one with my girls!
I'm so lucky to have such handsome men in my life!

Beautiful daughters!
What beautiful children I have!
I love this one with my hunky babe!

I love this one of Faze....such a handsome devil!

Sienna is such a striking young lady!

I love that toothless smile!

My sweet little beauty! I just love her eyes!


janethbg said...

So cute Jenny, I love them all!

Karen Pedersen said...

GREAT pics, Jenny! They would look AWESOME on the Magnifique papers. BTW, Osmond Design is not only sooooo cool on the outside, it is one of the most dangerous places ever on the inside for me too. Why do I love home decorating so much? Miss you!

Amy said...

Okay I'll say it again.......I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. You are BEAUTIFUL my friend and of course your fam is too. Your colors are to DIE for!!!!! Can't wait to get one to hang on the ol fridge for all to see. SURE love ya!

Michele said...

Awesome Pics! Good Luck figuring out the one to blow up! I love the random but coordinating outfits- so cute!

jenn said...

What a hard choice! They are all great. I love the backgrounds- very rugged and modern.

I want Tae's outfit. Do they sell it in my size?!

RBS said...

You are right Sissy,
They are all Stunners, every single one of them. But what do you expect? just look at their mamma!
Love you