Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter morning 2008


Ashlie & Jonathan said...

HOORAY!!! You have a blog! For being a newbie, it looks AMAZING! I don't even mess with mine, ...seeing yours just starting out makes me think I should! So cute!

I love all the pictures both of the guard and your kids! How do you get them to not cheese out the picture?! They look so sweet and SUPER DUPER cute! They have grown up so much!

Faisal is a heart breaker...I think I have a baby crush! ;) His eyelashes are something else! Man! I have only seen one or 2 pictures of him, so this was a "get to know your lil guy".

Ana is as cute as they come! I am loving the BLONDE baby you have and her curls are too sweet! I LOVE the picture of her at Disneyland - that is awesome!

Tae has grown up the most to me. She has gone from toddler to such a little lady! I love her poses!

Sienna - 10??!!! How could it be? She could barely sit?! She is beautiful as ever and really looks like you in the picture of all of the kids. I think it's funny she, of all the little ones, didn't want to cooperate. =}

Tell Chris we say hello too! Sorry this post is so is the first hoooray! I will email you a blog invite...if you don't have one already.

DaNce tO ThE MuSiC said...

jenny your kids are so freaking gorgeous!!!