Sunday, August 29, 2010

Andrea's dresses

My darling cousin Andrea is getting married in Oct. so she has been shopping around for wedding dresses and she so kindly invited me and some of the other female family members to go with her. What a blast we have had shopping with her! I took pictures of her in the three favorites and since there is no way of Ang to see them as she makes her decisions I decided to post them on my blog so that she could have access to them. So JORDAN (the groom) if you are reading this STOP NOW!!!!
Let me just say that the pictures really don't do any of these dresses just have to see them in person to fully appreciate them!

Dress #1
This dress is so elegant! Andrea was EXTREMELY uncomfortable in it at first because it is pretty immodest. But the gal helping us brought out some things that they would add to the dress to make it 'temple appropriate', then Ang was MUCH happier. A view from behind...this didn't have the added material in it to raise the back up. I wish that we had fluffed out the train before taking kind of looks sloppy. Oh well, it was beautiful!
This is what the dress looks like without the alterations. So they would add sleeves to it and raise the neckline.
I think that she really likes this dress, but she is nervous about buying it, making the alterations and then not having it turn out the way she was hoping and being stuck with a dress that she was not in love with.
You can't tell, but this dress was stunning on her figure.
We LOVED the back 'bum' area. :-)
With the veil on.
This dress just took our breath away when she walked out. Again, the pics don't do it justice. It was so unique, not a style that I have ever seen before.
The back
I just loved the train on this one.You could tell that she felt just like a princess in it.

She has a pretty tough decision in front of her. Whatever dress she chooses though, I know she will look just beautiful in it!