Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kindergarten check up

Today Faze had his Kindergarten check up. Yes, that's right.... my baby is going to Kindergarten next year. When did my baby get so grown up???
Faze is terrified of going to the doctor. He always thinks that he is going to be getting a shot, well this time he was right. :-(
We did the urine sample at home and I told him that we had to take the sample to the doctors. When we got there he said "Momma, I will wait in the car and you take the peepee to the doctor". He was paranoid of everything, the eye exam, the blood pressure cuff, and don't even get me started about the finger prick. He is such a cutie pie though and was pretty funny.
This was after his finger prick, obviously unhappy!
Look at his face, so funny.
They had him write his name on a little card.
In this picture he asked me how everyone knew his name. I told him that I work with all of these people and that I told them. He told me that I wasn't supposed to do that, it was supposed to be a secret.
Coloring his paper and adding stickers to it.

Dr. Foster did a great job!
After the exam they took his picture to add to his card.
All done! Finally a smile.
His reward for being..... mostly brave. :-)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A moment to brag

The past few weeks we have had a lot of sad and downer things happen in my extended family. Things that have really made us dig down and pull up our shirt sleeves and try to shoulder others pain and trials. I love my family... all of them, from my brothers down to my cousins and my cousin's children. We are such a great support system for each other. I have loved watching the way everyone has really stepped up to the plate to help out family members in need.
So in light of all the icky news that we have received lately I thought that it would be a good thing to share some great news.
My brother Nic is a pilot. He and his sweet wife are such great people and parents to my darling niece and nephew. Nic is such a hard worker. Anyone that has ever gone through what it takes to become a pilot knows how tough it is, especially how hard it is to get jobs for big airlines. Well this week he had a job interview with Sky West Airlines and dum, dum, dum dah
I'm not sure about the specifics of the job or if it will move them closer to home, but we are so excited and proud of him.
My kids have been asking in their prayers that Nic would do well with this interview and what a great teaching moment this was for them.

We love you Nic and are so proud of you!!!
This is Nic and my nephew Logan in his plane at his current job.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Today was a great day. The kids started out the morning with searching for their Easter baskets that the Easter bunny brought them. Then we headed out to church and got our spiritual cups filled. I had wonderful lessons today that really touched me and helped me feel the spirit so strongly. I am so grateful for my Savior and for what he did for me and each of us.

After church we came home and we took a few pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes.

The kids were REALLY uncooperative and it was such a struggle to get any shots at all... little turkey's!

She looks so grown up in this picture. I bought this dress for her and can now say that I officially can buy her clothes at the same stores that I shop at, not kids' stores. (different sizes though....WAY different sizes)

These two can be such little goof balls. They just crack me up!

I don't know why but she LOVES making this face. HILARIOUS kid!

Chris and I did a special gift for the kids for Easter this year and to give it to them I made a picture scavenger hunt. I took close up pictures of different things around the house that they had to guess what and where it was, find the item and retrieve the clue. The clues were strips of paper with one word written on it. The words put together made up a sentence that gave them a hint as to what our surprise was.
Here are the pictures:
A bowl in our china hutch
The baby grand piano
Our book shelf
The water dispenser to our spare fridge
The rock wall on our playset
The mailbox
A decorative suitcase
The inside of the girls medicine cabinet
The bar-b-queThe front door
The garbage can
The shed...This is where the surprise was hiding. It was so funny to watch the kids race around the house and yard trying to find the next clue.
Ana holding up the basket.

The word strips said "Our family's surprise is happening this fall! Can you guess what it is?"

Opening up the excited to see what it was!

Hmmmmm..... I wonder what all these items have in common?!
They figured it out! They were all Disney related items. We are going to Disneyland this fall!!!
As you can see from the pictures they are VERY excited. The last time we went as a family Faze was only one. The girls have gone with my parents a few times but Faze hasn't so he is super excited to see Donald Duck!
For dinner we headed to my parents house.... before dinner we did an Easter Egg hunt with all the cousins. This year was the first year that two of my kids HID the eggs, not FIND was a bitter sweet moment for me to realize that my sweet babies are growing up.
They did a great job hiding them!
Faze did a great job FINDING them.

We even had the Easter Bunny show up and surprised us all.... the littler ones FREAKED out, they were so scared. It was hilarious!

After the great hunting it was time to come in for a tasty dinner.
My mom went all out to make the table settings cute.
My sweet nephew Ty-Ty.... just love this little guy!
Oh how I love this man. This is my grandpa, one of my hero's.

After dinner we sat around talking and the kids told everyone about their trip to Disneyland. Of course my parents wanted to come, which I figured they would want to (they have annual passes, lucky ducks!) and my brother and his wife decided that they wanted to come with us instead of in November like they had planned. So we decided that we are going in September, it happens to fall over my birthday, which I'm elated about!!! I can't think of a better place to spend my birthday then in Disneyland! I'm so excited!
So here I sit in bed, typing all of this, exhausted, but so content and happy.
Happy Easter everyone!