Thursday, April 22, 2010

The sign says it all

So glad that I picked a husband that can talk me down off of the emotional ledges that I often place myself on. This week has been a pretty tough one for me. Let's face it.... moving sucks and on top of that I have had some friend drama to deal with. It makes the inner monster come out and rear it's UGLY head. It makes you become irrational and very hard to live with. But I married a gem and instead of tossing me out on my rapidly growing butt, he helped me see things from a different perspective. He showed me compassion, brought me home flowers and arranged for some friends to take me out to the movie. What a sweet man I have! I love you babe....thanks for sticking by your crazy wife and loving me when I was undeserving of your love.
I especially LOVE doing puzzles together, now that is quality time spent together!!!! ;-) Oh and it doesn't hurt that he is so pleasing to the eye! He will always and forever be my Hottie With a Naughty Body!

We have internet....YIPPPEEEEE!

I have been wanting to post some indoor pics of our new house but have had NO Internet to get on my blog. Some out of town family has asked for some pics, so here they are. They were taken with my cell phone camera so they aren't the best quality...but you get the idea. Part of the master bath

Master bedroom. The door leads to a cute little balcony on the front of the house.

Some shots of the backyard... the camera really doesn't do the yard justice, it is beautiful and quite large for the kids to play in. They love the playground!

The family room....probably one of my favorite rooms in the house.

This is the 'music room' to the left of the front door. I love the french doors so we can keep the noise down.

This is the view from the front door.
The living room to the right of the front door and a peak into the dining room.

Another shot of the living room.

Our dining room.

The kitchen. LOVING my double ovens.....makes baking cakes SO much faster!

Well now you have had a small tour of our home. We just love it here and feel like we are starting to make it feel like home. Just a few more boxes to unpack...I will be so happy when ALL of the boxes are G.O.N.E!
It was a pretty painful move for me. Chris had CRAZY deadlines at work that sometimes had him working all night long and getting home at 7AM the next day, so he pretty much moved the furniture in and the rest was packed up and unpacked by yours truly. I pretty much hated EVERY MINUTE OF IT and I NEVER want to move again!
I can't wait to host my first party here!
I would love any of you to drop in and say 'hi'.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MOVING on up

Our new home (well as of this weekend!) Yes it is true... we are moving. I have mixed feelings about this, I love my current neighborhood and have made some FANTASTIC friendships in our ward, but we just really feel like this is the right thing for us to do for our family. The kids are REALLY excited to move and love the new house...and to be honest having more space and a fabulous yard makes my heart skip a beat. The neighborhood that we are moving into is awesome... we have great friends that live just two doors down and over the years have had parties and camp outs that they have invited us to, with other neighbors, so we know several families in the ward already.
The big day is this I have many a boxes that I should be packing instead of blogging...sigh...oh well, off to pack!!!

Prom? Already???

I really thought I had at least four more years until I would see this daughter in a prom dress.

The other day Sienna went to lunch with a friend and then they walked over to a bridal store and tried on dresses. To be honest I was surprised that the salesgirls would let a 12 year old try on dresses...but they did and her friend took pictures. She really does look darling in them....oh please stop growing up my little Sienna!

All of the dresses were size ZERO! Was I ever that size? I don't think so! Can you believe that there are actually women MY AGE that are a size zero?! I wouldn't want to have the shape of a 12 year old...curves are a good thing....right??? Sorry all you size zero's out there, it just isn't right, that's just my opinion. :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

A lofty goal...and....a bit of a copycat

I have found inspiration..... yes, it does happen every so often. THE CAKE BIBLE! I want this book so bad! It looks like something that could potentially be my best friend in the kitchen! In fact I told Chris last night that if he got me this then I would do a copy-cat of Julie and Julia and make EACH recipe in this cookbook of almost 400 pages AND maybe even blog about each cake, or at least about the REALLY good recipes. I figure that if I am going to get serious about this cake making thing then I need to up my resources and I think that this book could be the answer. Do any of you own this book and is it as great as I am thinking that it is???
To be continued...

Monday, April 5, 2010

A new blog!

That's right folks, not only am I updating my blog now....I have created a new blog. This blog is only to post pictures of my latest craze.....CAKE DECORATING! Over the past two months I have really been making cakes like crazy, mostly for friends and family. I totally love it!!! I love to watch the food network channel and watch all the cool cake shows. Oh to be that great of an artist to make cakes like that! I am mostly self taught via youtube videos or by seeing a picture of a cake and then just trying to figure it out. I am on the hunt for a cake decorating course that I can take that doesn't cost an arm and a leg so that I can master this hobby. But until I find one I guess youtube will be my classroom. LOL
At any rate, I have been posting my pictures on Facebook and have had many family members complain that they wanted to see the pics on a blog instead of I made a cake blog. If you would like to take a peak then visit my blog at I just finished this cake today for a dear friend from work.
I just loved this cake! It was for my friend's daughter who was having a Paris themed birthday party. So I created this cute little poodle by hand out of modeling chocolate. It was such a fun cake to make!
Who knows....maybe someday I will be good enough to be on the Ultimate Cake Challenge!!! :-P

An Easter Goodie

I saw these cute cookie pops on an amazing website called it is an awesome website that has SO many great ideas! You should check it out. Anyways I decided to try these and give them to my kids' teachers. I think that they turned out so cute and best yet, they were SUPER easy!

The finished product! Happy Easter!

Girls night out

I decided to get some friends together from my neighborhood and do a GNO at the crafting place that I found near my house. We had such a good time and at the end of the night we had darling crafts to show for it! I HIGHLY recommend it! A group shot.
Kayla and Alicia

Me creating my masterpiece!

Donna and Jenn

Jodi showing off her cute bunny

My finished project. I just love it!

St. Patty's day crafts

I found a cute little place close to my house where you can go in and pick an unfinshed craft project and use thier craft room to sit and finish the project. I took Taelynn there for a mommy daughter date and these are the finished projects. Tae did an awesome job! Taelynn made each of these shamrocks.

This is my finished project.

Crazy hair day

Last week was spirit week at my kids' school and one of the days was crazy hair day... this is what they came up with. :-P

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A chip off the ol block

Today I spent the day in a scene that is all too familiar....just not recently. My two oldest, beautiful daughters joined a cute little colorguard group that is for 4th-7th graders. Today was their state final competition. So me, my mom, my cousin Allison and my wonderful friend Brianna spent the day at the competition. Can I just say how amazing my children are??? They had huge smiles plastered on their cute faces and let me tell you, my Taelynn can shake her hips like there is no tomorrow! I am so proud of my girls! Hopefully I can get a video and pictures posted soon!
It was so fun to see all of my former students and director friends. Sometimes I really miss teaching this sport... but then I think of all the drama that comes with the job and I remember why I am so happy to be away from it all. The day was fun until I ran into a former co-worker that I used to work with... who I can't stand the site of, and it just made my skin crawl. I knew that my girls participating in this sport made it a possibility of running into this creepy pervert....but nothing can describe how sick I felt when he and I almost ran into each other. I'm still upset about it.
Back to my kids. I am just so proud of the job that they have done with this team. Such cutie patooties!